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Discover What Your Cat Wants You to Know!

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Skye Blake here, Cat Info Detective, hot on the trail of answers to such questions as …

Why is my cat peeing on the bed?

How do I deal with fleas and ticks?

Why are vet visits so expensive?

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We use the best, most reliable sources we can find to discover everything your cat wants you to know to have a happy life together.

Sources are listed at the bottom of every page so you can be a detective, too!

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About Meow

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Ever tried to find answers to cat questions online? You probably got confusing and even conflicting answers.

You need well-researched, trustworthy answers to feline questions and problems. A site that shows you the sources

So, Skye Blake was born, created by Deborah J. Smith, cat enthusiast, researcher and writer.

She created the site she wished she’d had with her own cats in past years.

Deborah’s work background as an administrative assistant and real estate agent, along with genealogy research, taught her essential skills in research and writing.

She is certified by American Writers & Artists, Inc.

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    Updated August 13, 2022