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On the Hunt for Info About Cats

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Greetings, feline fanciers!

Skye Blake here, Cat Info Detective, hot on the trail of useful and fun information about my fellow cats.

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I search far and wide for the best, most reliable sources to discover everything your cat wants you to know to have a happy life together.

I even list those sources at the bottom of every page in case you want to be a detective too!

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Whether you’re looking for answers to why your cat’s peeing on the bed or how to deal with fleas and ticks, you’ve come to the right place…

Most Popular Topics

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Our most popular topics are easy to find through the list below.

All pages have links to further helpful info…

Cat Breeds, Registries & Shows

3 kittens being held

Are you curious about purebred cats? Marvel at the different breeds and start your search for reputable breeders at Breeds & Breeders

cat wearing a show crown and ribbon

Wanna go to a cat show or enter your cat in a competition? There are cat-egories for housecats now, not just purebreds!

Find out all about registries, clubs, and shows where our feline beauty and uniqueness is on display at What’s a Cat Registry and What’s a Cat Show?

Cat Behavior Info

Sleeping Cat

Confused and frustrated with your “bad” cat?

There are so many clues we give that people don’t seem to get… sigh.

Information is always out there… we cats just wait for you to figure it out.

Learn why we do things you don’t like (peeing outside the box, scratching, biting, hissy fits, etc.) starting at Behavior

cats playing together

You’ll learn…

  • why your cat is peeing (or pooping) outside the litter box and how to fix it
  • how to train your cat to come when called, enjoy the carrier, and walk on a harness/leash
  • what to do when moving with a cat to make it less stressful
  • if your cat has a travelin’ purrsonality

… hmm, now that I think about it, do we cats really want to give away our secrets?

Cat Health & Grooming

tabby cat licking paw

Wondering how to be sure your cat stays healthy or if you need to bathe him?

Learn all about feline health and grooming needs at “Health Q&A”.

Taking proper care of your kitty friend is sooo important!

Find out…

  • how to choose a good vet partner
  • when to take your cat for help
  • about dealing with annoying pests like fleas and ticks
  • how illness affects our behavior
  • how to make a first aid kit for cats

Cats in Culture

Leopard figurine

Bet you didn’t know we cats have our own culture and we’ve also been influencers in human culture (we’re so much fun!)

Cat Culture is all about felines in human history, art, literature, and music, along with things we love… like music made ‘specially for us.

Here’s a glimpse…

Jewel Box painting by Charles van den Eycken

  • Cats in Books – Enter the many worlds of the cat in LITERATURE, like my buddy, the Cheshire Cat, in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
  • Cats In Art – Our glorious feline forms have been immortalized in every kind of ART from cave paintings to modern abstract sculpture
  • History of Cats – Our contributions to HISTORY… ancient Egyptians worshipped us but middle ages Europeans thought we were evil spirits – fancy that!
  • Music for Cats – Yes, music made to help us be calm and happy! It’s different from yours
  • Great Cat TV – Not to be confused with cats on tv! Find out how to entertain your kitty for hours

Cat Rescue & Adoption

tabby cat on table in snow

There’s help out there from rescue groups and shelters for the less fortunate felines among us.

Find out how to tell a good rescue or shelter from a bad one… and how to adopt a human (there’s nothing like a human to spoil us with the best life can offer!) Rescue & Adoption

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So, take a BIG stretch, flex your paws, and saunter through our Cat Info Detective goodies. You’ll be glad you did!

Come on the Hunt with Me

Skye Blake on the hunt for information about cats

Come join me!  I’m always tracking down more cat information and would love to have your help. 

We can hunt clues together to find out everything your kitty wants you to know!  

Contact Skye to tell me what you need to know about your purrfect pal! 

I’ll follow each trail to find the most helpful answers.

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