On the Hunt for Info About Cats

Skye Blake, Cat Info Detective, facing left
Paw prints coming forward

Skye Blake here.  Cat Detective.  Or more precisely, Cat Info Detective… speaking to you from Cat Info Headquarters. I’m hot on the trail of missing pieces of information about my fellow cats.  When discovered, I’ll add them to my website so you can see them, too.

Cat Looking Out
What’s Out There
To Discover?

Ever been frustrated with your cat peeing outside the box or clawing your ankles?  We felines can be pretty mysterious (ok, even annoying sometimes)!  I hunt down the best information…

… and give you answers you can use to understand feline mysteries and live in harmony with your little buddy.

If fellow cats will pardon the expression, I’m “dogged” in my determination to hunt down all the information I can about my fellow domestic cats, a.k.a. felis catus, a.k.a. felines, a.k.a. darn cats, a.k.a. crazy cats, a.k.a. you #@&*! critter!

I’m always searching for clues about…

Cat Breeds & Registries

BREEDS… all about my purebred brethren… BREEDERS… the people dedicated to continuing the lines of my aristocratic feline relations… what it takes to be a good breeder… Breeds & Breeders and…

Tabby looking intently into the distance
On the Hunt
for More Clues!

… Registries, clubs, competitions and shows where we can display our beauty and uniqueness… Cat Registries & Shows

Cat Behavior

Sleeping Cat
Well-Deserved Nap After a
Long Day of Sleuthing!

Find out WHY WE ACT THE WAY WE DO… we’re really not as tame as you think (hmm, do we really want to give away our secrets?) There are so many clues we give that people don’t seem to get, sigh… Maybe I can help them understand so we can live contentedly together… Behavior

Health & Grooming

tabby cat licking paw

Learn all about feline HEALTH & GROOMING needs… taking proper care of your kitty friend is sooo important! Health Q&A is all kinds of information like how to choose a good vet partner, when to take your cat for help, how to groom and deal with annoying pests like fleas and ticks, how illness affects our behavior… and so much more!

Cats in Culture

Bet you didn’t know cats have our own culture and we’ve also been influencers in HUMAN CULTURE (we’re so much fun!)… Cat Culture is all about felines in history, art, literature, along with things we love too, like Cat TV and music made ‘specially for us… Here’s a little glimpse…

Leopard figurine

Our contributions to HISTORY (ancient Egyptians worshiped us but Middle Ages Europeans thought we were evil spirits – fancy that!)… History

The allure of the cat in LITERATURE, like my buddy, the Cheshire Cat, in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis CarrollCats in Books

Our glorious feline forms have been immortalized in every kind of ART from cave paintings to modern abstract sculpture. Find out how to draw cats yourself…

… or you can hire an artist who will paint, draw, or sculpt your kitty especially for you… Art, Artists & Cats

Rescue & Adoption

tabby cat on table in snow

There’s help out there from RESCUE GROUPS and SHELTERS for the less fortunate felines among us. Find out how to tell a good rescue or shelter from a bad one…

… and how to adopt a human (there’s nothing like a human to spoil us with the best life can offer!) Rescue & Adoption

Fun Cat Stuff!

cat grooming a toy cat

Fun stuff such as hot topics in the cat world, funny cat quotes, jokes and videos to tickle your funny bone!

Any OTHER INFORMATION about cats that will help you and your special friend have a wonderful and happy life together!

Come join me!  I’d love to have your help.  We can hunt clues together to find out everything your kitty wants you to know!   Contact Skye to tell me what you need to know about your purrfect pal!  I’ll follow each trail to find the most helpful answers.

Skye Blake on the hunt for information about cats
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