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Curious about your cat’s health? We cats can be confusing and sometimes even stump the experts!

Whenever it comes to your cat’s health, the best answers come from your very own veterinarian… not social media, and not even little ol’ me!

Let’s examine some health topics that you need to understand…

sick cat holding thermometer and pills

Symptoms of Illness in Your Cat

My cat’s not acting like himself. Does that mean he’s sick?

Discover how to look up symptoms and decide when to go to the vet… Symptoms of Illness in Your Cat

tuxedo cat sitting by open door


Curious about the feline anatomy? Discover the secrets of your cat’s body and what it tells you. Discover more…

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Big Cat Food Paying Off Vets & Other Myths

Ever heard people say Big Cat Food companies are paying veterinarians to sell their products?

They make it sound suspicious, like something shady and unethical is going on. Is that true?

Let’s find out… Big Cat Food Paying Off Vets & Other Myths

cat starting to sneeze

Cat Food Allergies & Sensitivities

Is your cat allergic to certain foods? What’s the difference between allergies and sensitivities?

Discover more at… Cat Food Allergies & Sensitivities

claws extended on paw of black cat

Declawing Cats – Good or Bad?

Declawing cats has become a controversial topic… but what is it? Is it cruel or harmless?

Discover more at… Declawing Cats – Good or Bad?

ginger tabby yawning, teeth, open mouth

Dental Care for Cats

Do you need to brush your cat’s teeth? Can cats get dental diseases?

Let’s discover the facts…

grey, white fat cat, obese

Fat Cats – Unhealthy or Cute?

Is your cat too fat? How do you know the right weight for the breed?

Let’s look closer… Fat Cats – Unhealthy or Cute?

first aid kit

First Aid for Cats

What should you have available at home for feline boo boos and emergencies?

Discover how to set up a first aid kit for home and travel… First Aid For Cats

man holding money, bills

How to Pay Vet Bills

Ever been shocked by your vet bills? There are many different ways you can be prepared. Discover more…

cat sitting on floor looking at dropper of CBD oil held by woman

Oils & Health

Is CBD oil worthwhile for cats? Are essential oils harmful? Let’s find out…

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Always more trails to follow and pages to add…

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