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Greetings cat lovers one and all! Skye Blake, Cat Info Detective, here with a question…

Tired of searching for answers to cat care questions?

Questions like…

  • “How do I get my cat to stop peeing outside the litter box?”
  • “How do I get my cats to stop fighting?”
  • “What’s the best type of food for my diabetic kitty?”

I was…

…and realized there’s no complete, trustworthy site that has everything you need to know about us cats.

Many sites make conflicting, confusing claims and never give sources to back them up. So what’s a cat lover to do when one site says tea tree oil is fine to use on your feline friend but another says it’s deadly? And that’s just one topic!

When you’re desperate and need help NOW, you don’t have time to search websites, videos, or social media. You need one go-to site for real, well-researched answers that you can use when you have questions or problems. You need a cat information detective. Somebody you can trust, soooo…

Skye Blake, Cat Info Detective, facing left
Paw prints for cat detective to follow

The human behind Skye Blake, Cat Info Detective

My human is Deborah J. Smith, cat enthusiast, researcher and writer.

Deborah’s love of us crazy cats started at an early age when she lived on farms with barn cats and has continued as an adult with indoor cats.

After watching Jackson Galaxy’s TV show about cat behavior, Deborah realized she never really understood her kitties. She knew she’d made a lot of mistakes and wanted to learn all she could about our mysterious ways to make life better for her furry friends.

Then she thought, “Hey, other people must want and need this information, too!” So the Cat Info Detective Agency was born!

She has spent time volunteering with a local animal shelter and helped rescue cats over the years.

Deborah’s work background as an administrative assistant and real estate agent, along with genealogy research, taught her essential skills in research and writing. She is certified by American Writers & Artists, Inc.

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Deborah J. Smith

Logo showing the purpose of the website: to provide reliable great information about cats

Welcome, Cat Lover… If you’re looking for help to understand, feed, groom, and love your special feline friend, you’ve found it!

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