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Scat cat!  Whew, I just got out of there in time!  Skye Blake here, getting into trouble… following a lead on how us fabulous felines sometimes irritate humans (noooo, not us).

Paw prints coming forward

I’ll be adding lots of fun clues I find about our behavior…

…How we interact with people and other animals (we’re OK as long as they know we’re in charge!)…

Are we nuts or just acting on instinct?

…How we can get help when we “misbehave” and who can help us…

…and anything else that people want to know so we can live in peace together (sometimes, though, it’s fun to be a bit mischievous!)

playing kittens

If you have any clues, ideas, hints, comments or questions, use the form below to let me know and I’ll get right on it!  Always more trails to follow…

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