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Mystified by your cat’s behavior? We felines can make you befuddled, frustrated, warm and fuzzy, all at the same time!

What kind of behavior mystifies you?

tabby cat - hunting behavior

Cat Behavior… Or Is My Cat Nuts??

Wanna understand the behavior of your sweet, crazy, angry or scaredy cat? Learn how we modern felines think and see our world…

Grey/white tabby cat marking outside territory, spraying

The Territorial Cat

How does our worldview affect our behavior? At the heart of everything for all cats is territory, territory, territory

angry black, white cat hissing, meowing

Aggressive Cats

Do you have a mean, angry cat? Does one cat bully others and cause fights? Discover how to bring peace to your household…

cat claws closeup

Scratching Behavior

Why do cats scratch people and furniture? How do you stop this behavior? Discover more at…

Tonkinese cat sniffing treat held by woman, behavior with food

Behavior With Food

There are a few surprising things you might not know about our eating rituals, not just what you give us to eat…

cat in bed, cocoon, environmental enrichment for cats, behavior

Environmental Enrichment for Cats

Whether you call it “environmental enrichment” or “catification”, we cats love having our indoor world satisfy our instinctive feline needs.

“Catification” is simply making your home comfortable for both you and your cats.

silver, grey cat on leash looking up, train behavior

How to Train a Cat

Losing the cat carrier war? Wondering if you can train your cat?

What about walking with harness and leash? Let’s discover answers…

white cat upside down on tree playing with dangling pompom


We kitties love to play… did you know play satisfies our hunting instincts? Discover more…

kitten pooping in litter box

Why Is My Cat Pooping Outside the Box?

Your cat has been using litter boxes with no problem but suddenly starts pooping in weird places! What to do? Discover answers at…

Why Is My Cat Pooping Outside the Box?

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