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Skye Blake, Cat Info Detective

Mystified by your cat’s behavior? We felines can make you befuddled, frustrated, warm and fuzzy, all at the same time!

What kind of behavior mystifies you?

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Join me, Skye Blake, Cat Info Detective, a curious cat researcher (not a vet or behaviorist) who sniffs out expert, reliable sources about cats, reviews their information, then passes it on to you! 

We follow lots of clues and share what your cat wants you to know about feline behavior.

Onyx2, cat behavior
Onyx the Kitten

Get started discovering your cat’s behavior with these pages that link to other pages you might find helpful… follow the trails!

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If you have any clues, ideas, hints, comments or questions about how your kitty acts, Contact Skye!

Always more trails to follow…

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