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Bamboo Cat Litter

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Curious about bamboo cat litter? Lots of things are made of bamboo these days, but cat litter??

Skye Blake here, snooping around to see what’s out there about bamboo used for cat litter.

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What Is Bamboo?

Bamboo stems

There are various types of bamboos in the grass family (Poaceae Bambusoideae). They’re all evergreen perennial grasses.

It’s used worldwide in an amazing variety of products… food, wine, fabric, furniture, bridges, paper, musical instruments, and now cat litter!

Most bamboo litters are found in Asia and Australia. There are only a few available in the USA.

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Bamboo fiber is 3-5 times more absorbent than traditional clay litters. It’s a renewable, organic and biodegradable resource.

Bamboo litter is lightweight, clumps quickly and has natural odor control due to the cellular structure in it.

It’s best not to use bamboo litter for young kittens since it’s a clumping type.

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Kittens will eat litter and can get intestinal blockages and/or be dehydrated from it. Both are life-threatening situations!

Bamboo Litter Brands & Reviews

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Below are some bamboo litter brands with a few reviews. This list is by no means exhaustive. It’s for your convenience only… I make no money from it.

Catfidence Organic USDA BioBased Certified Bamboo Cat Litter

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Catfidence bamboo litter is 100% organic, USDA certified, 3-5 times more absorbent than clay, has natural odor control, and no chemicals or additives.

A 7-lb. bag lasts a month for one cat. You can find out more at the Catfidence website.

Some Amazon reviewers didn’t like this litter, remarking that the pellets turned to dust rather than clumping well.

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Others felt that this was probably due to not cleaning out clumps daily.

They liked that it’s lightweight and easy to carry. There’s no dust, good odor control and flushable.

Always test with a small amount first and be sure flushing litter is allowed in your location.

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Here’s a helpful YouTube video review…

“Catfidence 100% organic bamboo cat litter”, The Original Poop Bags, December 11, 2018

EcoCare Organic Bamboo Cat Litter for Short Hair

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Ecocare bamboo litter is very absorbent, flushable, and biodegradable.

It has excellent odor control, is 99% dust free, and lightweight. It’s good for shorthair cats.

There are a few reviews of Ecocare at Amazon.

The reviewers agreed on liking the sustainability of bamboo but disagreed on dustiness.


One person said he has lung problems and it doesn’t bother him.

Some cats accepted bamboo litter and others didn’t.

It clumps decently, but you need to use a scoop that works well with pellets.

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Ecocare tracks some but easy to sweep up. It’s acceptable at odor control if you scoop clumps out daily.

Some people felt this litter didn’t control odor well enough.

A few people felt Ecocare is a good litter but too expensive to continuously buy.

M-Pets Organic Cat Litter

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M-Pets bamboo organic cat litter is very absorbent (5-6 times greater than its own weight).

Bamboo has antibacterial, antioxidant and deodorizing properties that help control odor.

M-Pets is a European company that sells high-end cat products. Their litter comes in 5 liter bags.

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List of Sources

Please note that some of the sources listed below sell litter products or link to places that do. I make no money from them.

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