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Grass Cat Litter

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Greetings cat litter connosseurs!

My latest litter trail takes me to interesting info about grass pellets made from grass blades and seeds.

You can’t get a much more biodegradable cat litter than grass!

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Pros & Cons of Grass Cat Litter


Grass cat litter has a number of good qualities…

  • Clumps well
  • Controls odor well
  • Low-dust
  • Easy to scoop
  • Renewable, biodegradable resource
  • Usually organic and non-GMO
  • No added fragrance
  • Soft on paws
  • Lightweight for easy digging
short furred gray cat on green grass

Some problems can arise with using grass litter…

  • Some people (and cats) are allergic to grass
  • Expensive
  • Some cats will eat it (if you grow cat grass in your house, you’ll confuse your kitty if you use grass litter)
  • Your cats are instinctively hardwired to keep food and pee areas completely separate, so providing grass as both food and litter creates a conflict.

Some cats will then decide to find another place to pee… not what you want!

If your buddy decides to eat the litter, it can cause emergency digestive problems, especially in kittens!

Grass litter is a clumping type and will expand in their tummies causing blockage and sometimes dehydration.

It’s always best to use non-clumping litter for kittens.

Know your kitty’s interest… whether or not she might want to eat it. If in doubt, use litter that’s not appealing as food.

Grass Litter Brands & Reviews

Below are listed some grass-based litters by brand, along with a summary of reviews, for your convenience. (I make no money from it.)

Almo Nature Cat Litter

silver tabby cat lying on green grass

Almo Nature cat litter is produced using only vegetable fibers with nothing toxic added. It isn’t technically a grass cat litter but is basically the same.

It absorbs instantly and liquid stays trapped in a thin clump on top, keeping the box and remaining litter clean.

Reviewers say it’s lightweight, flushable, easy to scoop/top up, and stays clean quite awhile.

cat jumping down onto grass-front view

They say it clumps well and doesn’t stick to box, is soft, easy on paws, and has good odor control.

It tends to be dusty and track everywhere since it’s fine grained. Mats help with this problem.

You can find more helpful information at the Almo Nature website.

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Touch of Outdoors Clay & Grass Cat Litter

closeup of grass blades

Dr. Elsey’s Touch of Outdoors is made in the USA from a combination of clay and prairie grass.

It’s made especially to help cats who have lived outdoors adjust to indoor life, since it uses natural chlorophyll for odor control.

Reviewers liked that it has no dust, no perfume, little tracking, traps odors well and is good for sensitive paws.

Some people had trouble with it becoming a hard mess in the box, making it difficult to remove.

Frisco Natural Grass Cat Litter

cat chewing on grass

Frisco litter is made from natural grass ingredients.

It’s lightweight, low dust, quick clumping and doesn’t stick to sides or bottom of the box.

Frisco comes in a resealable bag, has excellent odor control and absorbency, and is good for multi-cat households.

Reviewers say it’s good for cats with allergies and lasts a long time if topped off in between changes.

It’s expensive, isn’t flushable, and tracks (litter mat helps).

The Good Earth All Natural Clumping Litter

dewdrops on grass

The Good Earth cat litter is made in Wisconsin, USA, only from non-GMO grass.

In 2016 it earned the Non-GMO Project Verification Mark1“The Good Earth Pet Product Earns Non-GMO Project Verification”, Non-GMO Project, February 18, 2016.

It absorbs quickly so it doesn’t stick to the bottom or sides of the box.

It also locks in bacteria that causes odor. This litter clumps quickly and hardens as it sits.

kitten hunting in grass

Good Earth doesn’t stick or harden to sides or bottom of box and doesn’t need replacing as often as others.

It has a grassy, sometimes corn smell but has no added perfumes, fragrances, or chemicals.

Reviewers disagree on odor control effectiveness. Hides odor better than clay, but some say it’s too smelly.

There’s also disagreement on tracking. The price seems high but bag lasts a long time; not as dusty as clay.

Only Natural Grass Seed Cat Litter 

cat licking grass

Only Natural Grass Seed Cat Litter is made from grass seeds grown on farms in the USA and is a renewable resource.

It is formulated by a holistic veterinarian and made to human-quality standards. This litter is Non-GMO Project Verified.

Only Natural clumps quickly, which helps prevent odors and makes it easy to scoop. It’s supposed to work for single or multi-cat households.

It has no synthetic fragrances or chemicals. The description claims it’s 99% dust free with no tracking.

OurPets Switchgrass Natural Grass Cat Litter with Biochar

orange tabby

Ourpets is made from switchgrass in USA. The manufacturer says it works with any type of litter box.

BioChar, an activated carbon, is specially produced and added. It traps and holds both water and odors.

Each carbon particle is coated to make less dust and give the litter good clumping power.

Reviewers disagree about clumping and ease of scooping. Some say it clumps well and is easy to scoop. Others had a hard time separating wet from dry.

tabby cat wearing vest harness; indoor/outdoor cat

They liked that it’s eco friendly and has excellent odor control for both pee and poop. It smells good, is soft, and free of chemicals.

Someone mentioned that this litter is economical when used at the proper depth and lasts 2-3 weeks.

Some reviewers said it’s dusty and tracks some but is easy to clean. One problem is it can be hard to find.

OurPets is a dark color and some people prefer white or light color.

Pioneer Pet SmartCat All Natural Clumping Cat Litter


Pioneer Pet Smartcat is fine grained and soft, made from 100% grass seeds. It’s lightweight, turns into hard clumps quickly, and doesn’t break down when scooping.

It controls odor and has no dust, chemicals, or fragrances. Since only the clumps are scooped, it lasts a long time.

Pioneer Non-GMO Project Verified and farmed in the USA.

Reviewers say some cats will eat it since it’s grass. Some had trouble with it tracking due to fine particles sticking to paws, especially on long haired cats.

Smartcat isn’t flushable and is expensive (but lasts awhile). Some people don’t like the grass smell.

Video Reviews

Cameras for videos

Here are some helpful YouTube video reviews…

“Top 13 Best Cat Litters (We Tested Them All)”, All About Cats, April 1, 2020

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Sources used on this website are either primary or secondary.

Primary are always preferable and have the most reliable information because primary sources are original and directly referenced.

Scientific abstracts and data are good examples of primary sources.

Secondary sources are weaker because they usually consist of opinions or articles that give no sources of their own.

However, sometimes they refer to primary sources.

Thus, when I use secondary sources most are those with some authority, such as veterinarian or cat behaviorist books and articles.

List of Sources

Please note that some of the sources listed below sell litter products or link to places that do.

They are for your information only. I make no money from them.

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