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Paper Cat Litter

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Greetings fellow litter detectives! Skye Blake here, Cat Info Detective, tracking info about paper cat litter that you might find interesting.

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The information here is for general knowledge… always see your vet with questions about your cat’s individual needs. 

Who Is Skye Blake?

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Skye Blake, Cat Info Detective, is a curious cat researcher (not a veterinarian) who sniffs out expert, reliable sources about cats, studies their information, then passes it on to you! 

Sometimes there’s not enough evidence for easy answers, so Skye gives you all sides, explains the situation as thoroughly and clearly as possible, and links you to experts on each page.

Sources are at the bottom of each page so you can do more snooping.

What Is Paper Cat Litter?

shredded paper for cat litter
Shredded Paper

Paper cat litter is pellets or granules (“crumble” form) made from recycled paper.

It’s claimed to be three times more absorbent than clay.

Paper’s not great at odor control, but many people mix in baking soda, which helps a lot.

persian cat-white facing forward

Paper litter isn’t the best for long haired cats since wet bits can stick to fur easily, but it does better than clumping litters.

The pellets are non-clumping and absorb liquid well.

Vets often recommend paper litter for post-surgeries because it’s not dusty and helps protect incisions from infection.

cat's paw and toe beans; paper cat litter

The granules clump and are extra soft but can track easily. Both pellets and granules are usually unscented and low dust.

If your cat likes to chew on cardboard or paper, this is not the litter for you!

Paper Litter Brands & Reviews

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Here are some brands, along with manufacturer descriptions and some user reviews.

Brands and products given on this page are for your information and convenience only… I make no money from them.

They are available at each company website, and/or Amazon.

ExquisiCat® Naturals Paper Litter

Black cat paw/toes-litter box sensitivity; paper cat litter

ExquisiCat® – recycled paper, baking soda, and zeolite

It comes in crumble and pellet form, regular and multi-cat, scented and unscented.

Overall, both pellets and crumble were given good reviews, but some people didn’t like that it doesn’t clump.

cat looking warily over blanket

ExquisiCat® crumble does track a little but wasn’t bad. Both absorb well.

Some people found it great for allergies both for themselves and their cats.

Others were “allergic” to it (sneezing, etc).

Reviewers disagreed about dustiness. Some people said it wasn’t dusty and others that it was too dusty.

Fresh News® Original Pellet Litter

paper cat litter
Paper Bits

Fresh News® is 100% recycled post-consumer paper made into pellets, which is very absorbent, about 3x more than clay.

This litter is non-allergenic, dust-free, and has baking soda to help with odors.

Pellets are dust-free and soft, keep their pellet form when wet and don’t fall apart.


Reviewers disagreed on whether or not the pellets work with the TidyCats® Breeze® system.

Most reviewers liked this product for absorption and softness… easy on paws. One person’s cats didn’t like it.

Some mixed it with other litters, while others used it in their Breeze systems, either mixed or on its own.

It can be a bit difficult to remove from the system.

Frisco Unscented Non-Clumping Recycled Paper Cat Litter

2 kittens in white basket

Frisco – 95% post-consumer recycled paper and baking soda

The company claims these non-clumping pellets absorb 3 times faster than other paper litters and control odors.

It’s dust-free and comes in a resealable bag. Works for single or multi-cat households.

Reviewers mostly liked this product, especially because it works well for kittens, doesn’t stick to the cat, absorbs well for paper litter, and is affordable.

ökocat® Natural Non-Clumping Pellets

bombay cat; paper cat litter

ökocat® is made in the U.S.A. from reclaimed, clean white paper fiber, free of inks, dyes and scents.

Pellets are soft ground and absorb 5+ times their weight.

It’s dust-free, clumping, flushable and anti-bacterial. Good for cats or people with respiratory problems.

cat with his head in a person's hand

This has been a popular litter, however, the latest reviews are less than positive.

The reviewers say there’s a weird odor and it gets worse when the litter is soiled.

Some say this version of the litter has been changed.

SoPhresh™ Multi-Cat Crumble Paper Cat Litter

playing kittens; paper cat litter

SoPhresh™ (Petco brand) multi-cat odor control crumble litter has a very soft texture.

It absorbs moisture and traps odors, using baking soda and zeolite to help with odors and give a “fresh clean scent”.

The manufacturer claims it’s 99% dust-free and doesn’t track much… good for declawed or cats with sensitive paws.

tabby cat licking front paw

Reviewers were split between the cats liking the soft crumble and not liking it being messier than pellets.

A few people said it didn’t control odor well and was messy.

Vibrant Life™ Natural Paper Pellets

bengal-cat-spotted; paper cat litter

Vibrant Life™ pellets are made with 95% post-consumer recycled paper.

They’re unscented and have baking soda added to help control odor. The company says they’re 99.9% dust free and 3x more absorbent than clay litter.

This product is available at Walmart and is less expensive than other paper litter products.

scooping litter pellets

Reviewers were primarily positive, liking that it doesn’t stick and isn’t dusty. They said it does a good job with odor.

Some people didn’t like that it doesn’t clump, became heavy, and they had to throw out everything instead of just the soiled parts.

DIY Paper Cat Litter

stacks of paper; cat litter
Stacks of Paper

If you only need some paper litter for a few days after your cat has had surgery, you can use newspaper to make your own.

Just tear it into strips and put it in the box, keeping in mind that you’ll be cleaning it more frequently during the time you’re using it.

You can add a bit of baking soda on the bottom but remember that it gets on your cat’s paws.

Here’s a video that explains how to make your own paper litter pellets…

“DIY Newspaper Cat Litter”, Cacahouette, April 4, 2020
cat watching other cat in litter box

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Sources used on this website are either primary or secondary.

Primary sources are always preferable and have the most reliable information because they’re original and directly referenced.

Scientific abstracts and data are good examples of primary sources.

Secondary sources are weaker because they usually consist of opinions or articles that give no sources of their own.

However, sometimes they refer to primary sources.

When I use secondary sources, most are those with some authority, such as veterinarian or cat behaviorist books and articles.

List of Sources

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Updated April 13, 2024

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