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Pine Cat Litter (Cedar & Cypress, Too)

Skye Blake looking left through magnifying glass

Skye Blake here, tracking a trail through the forest, on the hunt for pine and other wood cat litters… fascinating stuff!

I’ll bet you’re curious too.

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Did You Know?

pine trees used for cat litter

Most wood cat litter is made from clean pine softwood scraps and sawdust from mills combined with oil, zeolite, and a clumping agent.

Some are made from cedar or cypress wood.

Wood litter is available as pellets, granules, and cobble (roughly crushed).

It’s a good biodegradable cat litter and some people even use regular saw dust, which they clean out daily.

open litter box with organic pellets

When this litter gets wet it dissolves back to sawdust and is easiest to clean in a sifter box (commercial or homemade).

Pine pellets are also used as wood stove fuel and equine bedding.

It’s a lot cheaper to buy them this way at about $6.00/40 lbs, and you can find bags online or in feed stores such as Tractor Supply Co., or Energy Pellets of America (I make no money from them).

Is Pine Cat Litter Toxic?

Horse barn-pellets used as bedding

Some people claim that pine pellets are toxic to cats and kittens.

This is because pine contains phenols, which I address at “What Are Essential Oils…”.

The pellets are kiln dried to remove phenols and other impurities.

So unless your cat eats them in quantity, possibly creating an intestinal blockage, they’re safe to use.

persian cats

If your furry feline has a tendency to eat litters of any kind, consult your veterinarian to be sure there’s not a medical issue.

Keep in mind when looking at various litters that we cats don’t like strong aromas, especially the smell of pine or citrus.

Our noses are much more sensitive than your human one, so if you have a finicky feline he may reject pine or other wood litter.

Pine, Cedar & Cypress Cat Litter Brands

kitten in a tree

Here’s a list of pine, cedar, or other wood-based cat litters.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but does include those found at major pet supply stores.

The manufacturer descriptions are included, along with some user reviews you may find useful.

You can find more at seller websites such as Amazon, Chewy, Petco, or Petsmart.

Arm & Hammer Litter Naturals Clump & Seal Scented Wood Cat Litter

cat in Christmas tree

Arm & Hammer is a major brand of litter.

Naturals Clump & Seal wood litter is made with natural wood fibers, plant-based clumping agents, minerals, and baking soda.

It has artificial scent and preservatives added. The manufacturer’s description says it’s ideal for multi-cat households.

Catalyst Soft Wood Cat Litter

pine tree for cat litter

Lignetics, Inc. makes both Healthy Cat and Multi-Cat versions (

They’re engineered from upcycled soft wood fiber, have excellent odor control, clump well, are low dust and lightweight.

ExquisiCat Naturals Pine Cat Litter

cat climbing a tree

Exquisicat pellets are made from 100% pine (no chemicals, dyes or additives) and compressed using high heat, high pressure, and steam.

They absorb quickly and control odors for a long time. The description claims it’s ideal for single and multi-cat households.

Feline Pine Wood Cat Litter

pine pellet cat litter

Feline Pine Original Non-Clumping and Scoop Clumping are both made from 100% pure pine and are unscented.

“Unscented” can mean there’s no scent at all or that the natural scent is there but no scent has been added. Not sure which is the case here.

pine - tip of branch

The clumping version says it uses pine fibers. It naturally eliminates odors by absorbing and locking them away.

Both have a dust-free non-tracking formula. Non-clumping says it’s safe for kittens and post-surgical cats.

Clumping is scoopable. No additives, synthetic perfumes or chemicals in either type.

Frisco Pine Pellet Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter

pine tree

Frisco makes their pellets out of 100% pine.

It has non-clumping dust-free pellets that absorb up to 3 times their weight in liquids to control odor when scooped daily.

Frisco litter has natural pine scent with no added fragrances, scents, chemicals, dyes or additives.

It’s good for cats that are sensitive to other litters. Useful for single or multi-cat homes.

NEPCO’s Cedarific and Easy Earth Natural Cat Litters

cedar trees-chips used for flea control & cat litter

Both Nepco’s Cedarific and Easy Earth are a blend of reclaimed and renewable hardwood and cedar chips with no clay or silica dust.

Besides being inexpensive, they are lightweight, soft, easy to handle, dust free, have a pleasant cedar odor, and are compostable.

Easy Earth has natural clumping action.

ökocat® Wood Clumping Cat Litter

crouching black cat


All versions are made from wood fiber that’s screened and had dust removed.

The wood fiber naturally prevents enzymes from bonding with liquid and waste, which controls odor well.

Siberian cat in box

It absorbs liquid on contact and creates flushable solid clumps (always test flushing with a small amount first).

Each variation of this litter was made for specific needs. Generally, the reviews tend to be positive.

It’s lightweight and better than clay. Tracking could be a problem (as with all litters) but much easier to deal with than clay.

Some people had problems with scooping clumps and others had cats who didn’t like this type of litter.

Small Pet Select Premium Pine Pelleted Cat Litter

curious cat on hind legs

Small Pet litter is made from 100% triple screened pelleted pine with no additives or chemicals, and is low-dust. It doesn’t track and is easy to scoop.

The natural pine scent controls odors. This litter has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The description says it’s not intended for use with other litter systems (including the TidyCats Breeze System).

Nature’s Logic All Natural Pine Unscented Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter

tuxedo cat in tree

Nature’s Logic litter is a low-dust made of Ponderosa pine.

It has an odor-control formula and is safe for cats, kittens and other small mammals, like ferrets or rabbits.

“Unscented” means no scent is added. Pine has a natural scent that may be noticeable in the litter.

Nature’s Miracle Natural Pine Scented Clumping Wood Cat Litter

Hinoki Cypress tree used for cat litter

Nature’s Miracle makes their litter from natural white pine fibers with no clay additives or dyes.

The pine is kiln dried to reduce bacteria, mold and fungus on the granules.

The pine fibers absorb and neutralize ammonia and fecal odors. They are also porous for fast absorption of liquid.

abyssinian cats sitting together

The litter clumps quickly so it’s easy to scoop and keeps it from sticking to bottom of the box.

This litter has an “Advanced Bio-Enzymatic Odor Control System”, which uses enzymes to destroy odors immediately.

Enzymes continue working until odors are eliminated.

Next Gen Pet Products Unscented Clumping Wood Cat Litter

trees in autumn

There are four types of Next Gen litter…

  • Green Tea – “One bag of economically friendly litter lasts 4-6 weeks and yields 333 clumps.”
  • Cypress Fresh
  • Forest Fresh – forms lighter, smaller clump
  • Timber Fresh – Made from wood only (no green tea leaves). Uses clean recycled wood from factories that make furniture and musical instruments.
sleeping cat

All are made from Japanese Hinoki Cypress wood to fight bacterial growth and mold that cause odors.

All but Timber Fresh have green tea, which has antioxidant properities from “catechin”.

These litters are anti-bacterial and naturally a good deodorant. They don’t use chemicals or artificial fragrances are used.

They are low-dust, low tracking, absorb well, are flushable and compostable.

Simply Pine Unscented Clumping Wood Cat Litter

pine needles and cone

Simply Pine cat litter pellets are made from 100% pure northeastern white pine.

It’s chemical and additive-free, dust-free, non-tracking with excellent odor control.

It absorbs liquid 3 times better than clay litters.

Weruva Classic Fresh Scented Clumping Wood Cat Litter

cypress needles

Weruva Classic is made with Japanese Hinoki Cypress wood and green tea.

It clumps quickly, is low-dust and contains no clay or grains.

Green tea has “catechins” that help stop growth of bacteria and odor.

Weruva contains a fresh aroma formula.

Tidy Cats Pure Nature Scented Clumping Wood Cat Litter

grey kitten at tree trunk

Tidy Cats Pure Nature litter is made from a mix of cedar, pine and corn.

It has great odor control, natural scents, and clumps well for easy cleanup.

Videos About Pine Cat Litter

video cameras

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Thus, when I use secondary sources most are those with some authority, such as veterinarian or cat behaviorist books and articles.

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