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Walnut Cat Litter

Skye Blake looking left through magnifying glass

I’m baaack… Skye Blake here, with news about another crazy cat litter… walnut!

You’ve probably seen tall black walnut trees and beautiful walnut wood furniture made from said trees.

paw prints coming in from a distance

You’ve eaten delicious walnuts… banana nut bread anyone?

But walnuts as cat litter?!!

Yes, really… made from leftover shells.

Pros & Cons of Walnut Cat Litter


While researching, I found this litter to have some good qualities, but since it’s food-based some cats may want to eat it.

That can cause digestive blockages and even dehydration from the absorption action of the litter.

Both conditions are life-threatening!

Any litter can also be ingested when licked off paws and fur.

It might not be enough to cause problems, but it’s best to know your cat’s inclinations.

Siamese kittens with mama

Is she likely to eat this? If so, stay away from grain, nut or other food-based litters.

This is especially true with young kittens, who like to eat everything!

Food-based litters can get moldy and ferment if not changed regularly, especially in hotter weather.

black cat licking his lips

They can also attract bugs and rodents if not properly stored.

This can happen at any point in the manufacturing, storing, and transporting process, as well as in your home, so be sure to store any litter and food properly.

Another thing to consider is if you have any nut allergies, you may react to walnut litter.

walnut shell

Even though it’s made only from walnut shells, not the actual nuts, there can be trace amounts of allergy-aggravating proteins in this litter.

You can use soiled walnut litter as mulch in your flower garden beds.

Just don’t use it on vegetable gardens or anything edible.

Walnut Litter Brands & Reviews

green walnuts on tree

Below are some walnut litter brands with a few summaries of reviews.

This list is by no means exhaustive.

It’s for your convenience only… I make no money from it.

Littermaid Walnut Cat Litter

squirrel holding walnut

Littermaid litter controls odors well and is fragrance free. It clumps well for easy scooping.

The company suggests keeping a 3-4″ base of litter at all times.

You’re supposed to be able to use this litter in any litter box.


The majority of reviewers love this litter but those who were negative hated it because of dust and tracking primarily.

Overall, people were happy with this litter. It was lightweight, controlled odor and clumped well. Tracking was a minimum for most people.

Here is a helpful YouTube video… “Comparing Wheat & Grass Cat Litter” (at 2:50 she also discusses mixing walnut litter with wheat or grass), Mobile Paw Spa, August 7, 2019

Naturally Fresh Clumping Walnut Cat Litter

Kitten-special litter

The Naturally Fresh line of litter was originally owned by Blue Buffalo, which was bought out in 2018 by General Mills Corp.

Blue Buffalo’s lines of dog and cat food are now owned by General Mills, and their Naturally Fresh litter is owned by Ecoshell.

All varieties of Naturally Fresh are made from 100% natural walnut shells. They have excellent odor control using a “malodor counteractant” and are highly absorbent.

walnut shells and meat

Their dust-free formula reduces tracking. They have no added chemicals, toxins, clay, corn or grains.

These litters have an earthy odor from the walnuts that quickly fades.

A few people didn’t like it and others were fine with it.

There is an interesting YouTube video review of Naturally Fresh litter.

Quick Clumping (green bag) – a.k.a. Single Cat Unscented
tabby cat cleaning after using litter

This litter makes tight clumps in about 15 minutes and doesn’t stick to the box. Super-absorbent formula absorbs 3 times better than clay and is made for 1-2 cat households.

It has excellent odor control, no toxins, silica dust, and is biodegradable.

The manufacturer recommends to fill your box to 3″. When clumps are removed, top up as needed.

kitten peeking out from cushion

Clean all litter boxes every 30 days. This litter should last at least 30 days between changes for one cat.

Reviewers differed about dustiness but generally agreed it doesn’t clump as well as the multi-cat version. It’s too soft and breaks apart while scooping.

Some felt it was worth working with the soft clumps because the odor control was so good.

tabby cat squatting in litter box

There was also disagreement about tracking… some said it didn’t track much and others said it tracked like clay.

Not good for long-haired cats.

Most agreed it’s more affordable and economical than other alternative litters.

Multi-Cat New & Improved (red bag)
walnuts-shells for cat litter

This version has 3 times better absorption than clay litter. It has good odor control and little dust.

Some reviewers who had used the old formula didn’t like the new one as well…too much dust and tracks a lot.

There was disagreement about the amount of dust.

hunting tabby cat

Some said there wasn’t any, while others said it left a brown film on appliances and furniture in the room.

Many reviewers liked this litter better than other biodegradable litters.

They felt it absorbs and clumps well, with good odor control.

One bag lasts a long time so it’s cost effective.

Multi-Cat Ultra Odor Control (yellow bag)
stretching cat

This litter features triple-action odor defense enzymes and long-lasting absorbency for superior odor control.

Reviewers for the multi-cat odor control version said the granules are bigger than other litters. Almost all said they love this litter.

The clumping is very good… clumps start out soft and harden over time. They don’t stick to the box.

siamese kitten

Most said there’s very little dust… one person added baking soda to keep dust down and help with odors.

Others said it left brown dust everywhere.

Some people said odor control was excellent… others that it wasn’t as good as multi-cat unscented.

Most liked that there was no fragrance. Others said there was a light earthy smell to the litter.

cats playing together

Generally, reviewers felt the litter lasts a long time and is worth the price.

Some people liked it but their cats didn’t.

It was also mentioned that this litter doesn’t work with Litter Robot 3.

Multi-Cat Alpine Meadow (blue bag)
walnut tree

This version produces tight clumps that don’t stick to the litter box. It has a natural, fresh scent, controls odors well, and is biodegradable.

This litter doesn’t stick to paws so it doesn’t track much. Works well for multi-cat situations.

tuxedo cat pulling on leash

Overall the reviews were positive and most people loved this litter.

Clumps well, controls odor when scooped each day, and tracking wasn’t bad.

Reviewers disagreed about the amount of dust.

Quick Clumping Herbal Attraction (orange bag)
Brown & White Tabby Cat Looking Up

This litter contains a blend of naturally scented herbs that lure your kitty back to the box.

The majority of reviewers have positive things to say about this litter. They liked that it’s lightweight and biodegradable.

As with most litters, there’s disagreement about the amount of dust and tracking.

english walnut in fall

There was disagreement about odor control but some of those who didn’t like it weren’t scooping daily.

Some people with cats peeing outside the box found this litter to be very helpful at getting their cat to use it again regularly.

Kitten Natural Training Quick Clumping (pink bag)
gray & white kitten

This litter is made for kittens up to a year old. It contains a blend of naturally scented herbs to help attract kittens to the box.

Reviewers mostly liked this litter for their kittens.

It’s similar to the others in this line of litters… clumps and controls odor well.

There was disagreement about dustiness and tracking.

Naturally Fresh Pellet Non-Clumping Walnut Cat Litter (purple bag)


Naturally Fresh is made with walnut shells grown in the USA.

It’s unscented with no clay, corn or grains and is a renewable resource.

It has 7 times more odor control, is low dust/tracking and has more absorption capacity than other pellet litters.

Reviews were mixed but most people liked the good odor control, lack of fragrance, and little tracking.

walnut plant in shell

Some who had used the old version didn’t like the smaller pellets in the new one.

Smaller pellets break down faster, so the box has to be cleaned more frequently.

In some cases the cats didn’t like this litter.

More Litter Options

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Sources used on this website are either primary or secondary.

Primary are always preferable and have the most reliable information because primary sources are original and directly referenced.

Scientific abstracts and data are good examples of primary sources.

Secondary sources are weaker because they usually consist of opinions or articles that give no sources of their own.

However, sometimes they refer to primary sources.

Thus, when I use secondary sources most are those with some authority, such as veterinarian or cat behaviorist books and articles.

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These are for your convenience only. I make no money from them.

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