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Welcome fellow crazy cats! Skye Blake here, with a few words about the Purina® Tidy Cats® Breeze® litter box system.

Here are a few things to consider before buying a Breeze litter box…

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The information here is for general knowledge… always see your vet with questions about your cat’s individual needs. 

Who Is Skye Blake?

Skye Blake-updated, white background

Skye Blake, Cat Info Detective, is a curious cat researcher (not a veterinarian) who sniffs out expert, reliable sources about cats, studies their information, then passes it on to you! 

Sometimes there’s not enough evidence for easy answers, so Skye gives you all sides, explains the situation as thoroughly and clearly as possible, and links you to experts on each page.

Sources are given at the bottom of each page so you can do more snooping.

What You Want from a Litter Box

2 cats looking in litter box

Fancy litter boxes are made for the convenience of humans more than the actual needs of cats.

Kind of ironic since we cats are the ones using them, but our people are the ones buying and cleaning them.

Let’s review what you want from a litter box…

kitten in litter box
  • no nasty odors
  • easy to scoop or not scoop at all
  • inexpensive
  • dust-free
  • non-tracking
Black & white cat legs, paws
  • litter lasts a long time
  • easy disposal
  • environmentally friendly
  • wifi capability for monitoring usage, medical issues, etc., from phone

What Your Cat Wants from a Litter Box

Now let’s discuss what your cat wants…

white cat squatting in litter box
  • big enough to stand, turn around and dig/cover without rubbing against sides or top, even for large cats
  • no strong odors, including deodorizers like lavender, pine, and citrus
  • litter that’s low-dust and easy on paws, preferably of fine, sandy texture
cat covering waste in clay litter box
  • litter that doesn’t stick to paws or fur
  • no strange or sudden noises, such as a motor turning on or loud rotating box
  • no sudden movement, such as the box starts rotating while cat’s in or partly out of box

Discover more at “What’s the Best Cat Litter Box?” and “What Are the Best Types of Cat Litter?

Check out “Location, Location, Location…The Box” for tips on properly locating litter boxes.

Purina® Tidy Cats® Breeze® Litter Box System

silver abyssinian cat

Now let’s see what the Breeze litter box system offers so you can decide if it’s right for you and your cat.

Breeze litter boxes come in 3 different versions… Original, Hooded, and Extra Large.

Breeze is technically a sifting litter box not an automatic rotating or self-scooping box. It has no moving parts.

2 tabby cats lounging on floor, one yawning

It uses special pellets that don’t absorb, but instead allow pee to run down to the pad below which soaks it in.

Poop stays on top to be scooped and discarded, which the manufacturer claims controls odor well.

Breeze litter boxes need a lot less litter than most, which cuts down on expense, but doesn’t completely eliminate the need to buy pellets.

dark tabby at shelter on cat tree

The pee pads must be removed and thrown away once a week for one cat (although a heavy pee load, even with one cat, might require more frequent changes).

Pellets should be replaced once a month.

If you have more cats, you’ll have to change them more frequently. The pads are an ongoing expense.

There are a few substitutes for the pads and pellets, but be careful because some litters won’t work and create a big mess.

ginger, orange tabby kitten

People are so creative! One reviewer came up with an interesting alternative to the expensive pellets…

V. Canfield – Read This-Cheap, Excellent Pellet and Pad Alternative

Reviewed in the United States on February 27, 2017

“Everyone knows about the puppy pads. That’s an easy one.

But replacing the pellets wasn’t as obvious…until I found a package of dried navy beans in my pantry…

They were cheap, didn’t absorb the urine (if you’ve ever had to soak beans, you know it takes a long time for them to absorb water), the right size, the right texture, biodegradable and white like the pellets, so aesthetically pleasing.”

Original Breeze Litter Box

3 brown cats sitting together

The Breeze original litter box system includes…

  • 1 litter box
  • 1 scoop
  • 3.5 lb. bag anti-tracking Breeze pellets – change once a month
  • 4 disposable absorbent pads with guaranteed 7-day odor control (for one cat) – change once a week

Its size is 15.7″ W x 20.6″ D x 10.2″ H (at back) with a lower front for easy entrance and exit.

Hooded Breeze Litter Box

tuxedo cat sleeping on blanket with paws over eyes

The Breeze hooded system includes…

  • 1 litter box
  • 1 scoop
  • 3.5 lb. bag anti-tracking Breeze pellets – change once a month (for one cat)
  • 4 disposable absorbent pads with guaranteed 7-day odor control (for one cat) – change once a week

The hood is hinged with a handle on side to easily open it to clean.

The size is 15.7″ W x 21.3″ D x 16.9″ H (with hood on).

Extra Large (XL) Breeze Litter Box

curious cat - maine coon

The Breeze extra large system includes…

  • 1 all-in-one litter box
  • 1 scoop
  • two 3.5 lb. bags anti-tracking Breeze pellets
  • 4 disposable absorbent pads with guaranteed 7-day odor control (for one cat) – change once a week
longhaired gray-cat-with-white-muzzle looking at camera

The size is 13.7″ H x 27.5″ W x 18.5″ D

The Extra Large version is essentially the same as the original version but has walls almost 2x the size total and 2x the size of the box area for cats to use.

It’s good for cats needing more room to turn around and dig, as well as large breed cats, stand-to-pee cats and some litter flingers.

Reviews of Breeze Cat Litter System

tuxedo cat lying on laptop keyboard

Below are some reviews by users of the various Breeze litter box systems, so you can see why people love it or hate it.

These are taken from Amazon and Purina’s websites…

Positive Reviews

Dark tabby cat looking started, "smiling"

Original Box

Cath 2022 – Westfield, MA – GREAT LITTER SYSTEM

28 Apr 2022

“My cat transitioned to the Breeze system almost instantly!

We love the system ourselves. No dust, no lugging heavy buckets, boxes or bags!

Most people don’t even realize we have a cat in our mobile home!…”

cat lying in bike basket

The Amoras– WA – Best System Ever

Association/Professional: “I work with Rescues/Shelters & Pet Adoption”

“Before using Tidy Cat Breeze my kitties would track litter all over the place.

I tried so many options to help, the Animal Shelter Thrift store donation dept. new [sic] me by name.

Dark tabby cat looking up at camera

My female rescue cat Zevah was declawed prior to us adopting her and she refused to use any box/litter option.

With Breeze she is as happy as can be and no more messes. MIRACLE!

My foster kitties take to it right away. No transition was necessary for any of them…”

white cat looking out car window

VJMM – FL – Best Ever-No Dust-Very Easy Cleanup

“After trying 5 or 6 other litters (even Worlds Best) this is by far my and my cats favorite.

My 3 cats have been using the Breeze Original System for 3 years now and we all love it.

I’ve got 3 and sometimes 2 (if I’m in the middle of an entire replacement) boxes and if you scoop your kitties poo every day (or at least every other day) there won’t be any odor (of course unless it’s a very fresh one, but then again, you can smell the fresh ones with every litter).

The pullout tray w/the pee pads is also super convenient. No more litter on the floor, no more odor…”

Hooded Box

person petting a tabby cat's head

kfdaniel – Fantastic option if you want less litter tracking

Reviewed in the United States on May 3, 2022

“My cat used to track litter EVERYWHERE when we used clay litter.

I switched to breeze about 6 months ago and it has been fantastic. The pee pads are made of magic.

Literally, I have no clue how they trap that much cat pee without any of the smell escaping. It’s fantastic.

ginger, orange tabby kitten

The pellets are easy to scoop and I only have to replace them once ever 2 months.

I do keep an extra bag around to top off if I feel like it’s getting lower than usual.

Also, I took the lid off and placed this into an ecoFlex Litter Loo furniture piece and it fit just fine.

Just measure to be sure if you’re going that route.”

orange, ginger tabby looking down from top of cabinet - curiosity

Jeni10374 – Pittsburgh, PA – Game changer!!! No more litter tracking

5 May 2022

“My cat has 6 toes on each paw and grinds hard into his litter after each use.

Since switching to this system and pellet litter, no more tracking throughout the house.

It’s a game changer!!! We’ve experienced no odor! The litter is like new after 2 weeks.

To maintain, we scoop the poop daily and change the pad weekly.”

Siamese kitten

KMP – This litter box is a life changer!

Reviewed in the United States on May 8, 2022

We weren’t sure how our cat would like the pellets, but we were desperate to find a cleaner litter box that was way easier to clean, maintain, and small enough to fit in the space we put the standard litter box.

This one has changed our lives and gave us back our bathroom! Worth the money and time to hunt for it.

Amazon basics also has alternative replacement pads we love using with it as well!

Absolutely the best purchase made for our messy, deep digging kitty!”

Extra Large Box

tabby cat peeking over edge of a box

TriciaEasier and less smelly than the self cleaning one I got

Reviewed in the US – May 1, 2022

“It’s still a cat toilet, if they poop you’re going to smell it but the urine smell and cleaning IS THE BEST!!

My cats pee a lot (I have 4) and this is the best cat box for them: no more scrapping urine out of the bottom and needing to clean it out every-time.

Black & white photo of tabby, white cat with ears turned back

Do not use the pine pellets they make a HUGE mess and they end up stinking like dirty rabbit cage.

I use the pellets that come with this box (they don’t crumble from the pee) and spray them with a urine enzyme for cat boxes every week or so.

I have tried almost every box out there: automatic cleaning ones with crystals, rolling cat box with clumping litter, old fashion scooping box and this one by far is the best for cats that pee a lot!!I

black kitten playing with toy

Also bought this type in the smaller size: it’s ok but this one is the best for size and cleanliness.

My boy cats peeing within the walls of the box rather than over the box.”

Jaypm – Ny – Game changer

Burmese cat playing with string

11 April 2022

“Pee pad drawer makes huge difference. Plastic type pellets also great idea to let urine flow thru. Lot less order and changing litter as long as you maintain box. Large box fits my 20 lb Tom with room to spare. You’ll like it.”

Deborah Bell – I don’t hate cleaning the litter box anymore

grey cat resting on a bed

Reviewed in the United States on April 29, 2022

“This is great. I used to HATE cleaning the litter box.

My one cat pees like crazy and no matter what litter I bought it just turned to “pee paste” and I was constantly digging in the box.

I do have to change the pads every day since I have 2 cats but even with having to purchase more pads, it is still cheaper than all the litter I used to buy.

Great litter system!”

Mixed Reviews

White cat with one blue, one gold eye, licking paws; breeze litter box

Original Box

Imbrandy – Nashville Tn – Great litter system

April 10, 2022

“It’s great -I like the way it works -less smell /less mess – my only issue is that the pellets are really hard to find and they are expensive.

But you don’t have to replace the pellets meaty as often as clay litter, so I still think it’s great.”

cat being petted at animal shelter, rescue

Kelly W – The box design is good. The litter type not so much

Reviewed in the United States on May 8, 2022

“I love the design of this box with the pull out tray underneath.

It’s like an easier sifting litter pan.

orange, ginger tabby yawning; breeze litter box

However the pellets it comes with don’t cover smell at all, and it doesn’t come with enough.

They’re also pricey and so are the pee pads.

I’ve opted to use walnut pellets instead which cover odor better and break down into powder once peed on, so it’s easily sifted down into the tray drawer for disposal.”

kitten with mom

Alex SoperHonestly impressed!

Reviewed in the United States on May 2, 2022

“So far so good! Cat took to it IMMEDIATELY, which was one of my larger concerns.

Second concern was the smell. I can tell you that I left the pad for 1 week like suggested.

There was ZERO cat urine smell and the pad was completely full; this part amazes me!

I don’t think that it does a good job at masking the smell of cat poop.

orange-tabby-cat-near-window; breeze litter box

I do think it helps dry it out rather quickly, but it in now way helps mask the odor of cat poop better than conventional litter that they’re able to burry it in.

The litter is rather expensive, but if one back does last a month, then the price is right.

Overall, this is a good purchase and I would recommend.”

Hooded Box

ginger tabby cat wearing collar with bell

Imbrandy – Nashville Tn – Great litter system

April 10, 2022

“It’s great -I like the way it works -less smell /less mess – my only issue is that the pellets are really hard to find and they are expensive.

But you don’t have to replace the pellets meaty as often as clay litter, so I still think it’s great.”

Silver tabby cat looking at fur hanging toy; breeze litter box

Kelly W – The box design is good. The litter type not so much

Reviewed in the United States on May 8, 2022

“I love the design of this box with the pull out tray underneath.

It’s like an easier sifting litter pan.

Calico cat sprawled over chair

However the pellets it comes with don’t cover smell at all, and it doesn’t come with enough.

They’re also pricey and so are the pee pads.

I’ve opted to use walnut pellets instead which cover odor better and break down into powder once peed on, so it’s easily sifted down into the tray drawer for disposal.”

Dark tabby kitten curled up sleeping in wood bowl; breeze litter box

Diane M. Glover – Cat likes it… with a change

Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2022

“Bought this whole system, and the cat did take to it right away… moving away from traditional clay litter.

HOWEVER, she is a spreader and so the LOW front still allowed the pellets to be thrown from the box.

Dark tabby, white kitten in blanket very interested in something

I fixed this by turning the box around where the short front is against a wall. NO more pellets on the floor.

The ease of cleaning this system is the best. Its so much easier to keep clean than CLAY litter.

And it doesn’t get everywhere. Win all the way around.

If you cat kicks up too much when covering… just turn the box around.. it helped so much.”

Extra Large Box

white, silver tabby cat, yellow eyes looking at something; breeze litter box

SkitheBetter than the smaller breeze boxes objectively

Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2022

“I like these better than the smaller boxes for the fact that I have seen less pellets over my floors HOWEVER the one set back is the trays for the pads should have separate tray inside the slide in feature.

The smaller boxes I could avoid ever touching the pee pads when dumping them.

These require you to pick them up as they are in a tray that is much to big to tilt easily for touch-less pad disposal”

Tuxedo black & white kitten on back looking back

Barbara07 – Indian Land. SC – More specific instructions needed

11 Feb 2022

“I have 2 cats and bought the ultra large large as suggested for multiple cats.

But realized that the pads need to be changed more frequently and the pellets replaced more frequently than indicated.

That instruction should be added when multiple cats are using the Box.

But I love that litter is no longer tracked throughout my house!!”

tuxedo cat in tree; breeze litter box

Susie in SD – San Diego, CA – Like the idea, but still a strong pee smell…

10 November 2021

“I’ve been using tidy cat breeze system for 7 years. The regular size has less smell, but cat sometimes peed over the side.

The XL box has lessened peeing over the sides, but it always smells like pee.

My cat pees to the side, pee runs a path down to the pad, dirtying more pellets.

I change pad every 5 days & use a 7 Lb pellet bag to fill/ change pellets every 4 weeks.

Any ideas to reduce the smell?”

Negative Reviews

Gray cat looking angry, stern

Original Box

ammez – Austin, TX – I REALLY want to love it but the smell is BAD

3 May 2022

“I’ve been using the system for about a month and the smell from this litter box is unbearable.

The pellets smell horrible after a week of use regardless if I scoop every day and put a fresh pee pad.

I like the system but the pellets can’t stop the bad smell from the residual waste after scooping/changing the pad.

I love the concept but I can’t stand the stink. Very disappointed cause i even bought the XL for my one cat and it couldn’t hold up.”

Grey, white tabby on table sleeping next to plastic figure; breeze litter box

Sara Beth Wade – worst litter system I’ve used – review from a housesitter – March 1, 2022

“I housesit full time and have used a variety of cat litter systems and this one is one of my least favorite.

The pellet litter does nothing to cover smells or dehydrate poop – not unless you suffer through the poop smell for hours and hours.

And that’s not counting the urine smell from the pads underneath, which I end up changing every day.

gray & white kitten sniffing daisy

If it weren’t for the cat preferring a safe box shape to toilet in and maybe something to scrape at (though he never covers his poop – he seems to claw the outside of the box instead), laying the pad out on the floor for him to pee and poop on would have the same effect.

My current homeowner uses a litter genie for the poop, but I feel like it’s all a big rigamarole for what can be solved using a regular pan and some clumping litter.

The only pro I can see is that it doesn’t track dust, though pellets still escape the box.”

ginger/white cat curled up on floor; breeze litter box

P. Thompson – BEWARE: The Pellets Cost Me A Huge Vet Bill – March 18, 2022

“My cat ingested the pellets from the pellets sticking to his paws and then licking his paws, had to take him to the vet because of his blood curdling meows, turns out he had several pellets in his stomach that traveled to his colon.

$2,500 later he’s fine, threw the rest of the pellets in the garbage, will never use them again.”

Hooded Box

Jennifer – Worst litter box smell so far – April 8, 2022

black cat sunning himself

“Expensive upkeep for very little odor control. Constantly smells like cat urine.

At this point I’m just going to have to throw it away.”

Jilly – Terrible system – April 6, 2022

3 tiny dark tabby kittens; breeze litter box

“This is the first review I’ve ever written.

They said the pad lasts one week, after 2 days the pad was full (I only have one cat), the tray was full of urine and was NOT easy to empty without spilling cat pee!”

Long haired ginger, tan sleepy cat

BlueJayD – Washington – Not for high spraying cats – 21 Apr 2022

“I have the breeze XL and it is awesome for my cats but the hooded one doesn’t have the leak guard towards the front opening of the box and one of my cats, I’m assuming the girl, is a high sprayer so when she pees near the front of the box it leaks out and over the front under the hood.

I guess for regular cats it probably works fine but I was hoping it had the same leak guard design as the XL we have.”

Extra Large Box

SM87 – Smelly – 11 Oct 2021

irritated maine coon cat lying on floor; breeze litter box

“I bought this system after moving to a smaller home. I was hoping for less smell and less mess.

I have to say it is less messy, pellets stay in litter box.

The problem is when the cat poops, they are unable to bury it so the smell is bad.

I wasn’t impressed and went back to my old litter box. I’ll take the mess over the smell.”

tabby cat in open hard carrier; breeze litter box

MK – Great system, XL needs redesign – March 9, 2022

“Lemme first say, that I love the Breeze pellet system, been a fan and have used it for years.

We moved to a new house, larger area for the cats, I thought I’d buy the new XL Breeze.

Thought it worked the exact same that the smaller (original) version. Close, very close.

Tabby, white cat with blue eyes looking at camera

It has the same size of pee pad for a MUCH larger area. The urine doesn’t always go thru the grate.

If used enough, the one slope was always very damp, like it wasn’t draining completely.

The moistness never truly dissipates. Then the pee smell returns…”

So, You Want to Buy a Breeze Litter Box System

Siamese kitten with half face visible (blue eye); breeze litter box

The Breeze litter box system is inexpensive compared to Litter Robot™, Cat Genie®, and other automatic self-cleaning boxes.

Still, it’s more expensive than your average litter box, and you’ll have the ongoing expense of replacement pee pads and pellets.

After considering what the Breeze system offers and what your cats want, if you decide to buy it, here are some Amazon links to the three types and supplies.

I make a small commission on some of the links below… and I get to share profits with qualified cat rescues!

Check descriptions and reviews carefully for any products you wish to buy… quality, sizes, colors, etc., can’t be guaranteed by anyone but the manufacturer.



3.5 lb. Pouch

7 lb. Pouch

Other Self Cleaning Litter Boxes


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cat peeking out of top covered litter box

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Litter Box Accessories

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The Cat Litter MatFurniture Litter Box Enclosures
The Cat Litter Disposal SystemThe DIY Litter Box


Sources used on this website are either primary or secondary.

Primary sources are always preferable and have the most reliable information because they’re original and directly referenced.

Scientific abstracts and data are good examples of primary sources.

Secondary sources are weaker because they usually consist of opinions or articles that give no sources of their own.

However, sometimes they refer to primary sources.

When I use secondary sources, most are those with some authority, such as veterinarian or cat behaviorist books and articles.

List of Sources


I make a small commission on some of the sources listed below if you choose to purchase them from here.

Some products listed link to companies that sell them, whether or not I make any money.

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Product Sources – Breeze litter box

Purina® Tidy Cats® BREEZE® Cat Litter Box Systems

Updated March 15, 2023

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