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The Cat Litter Mat

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Yuck! Don’t ya just hate stepping on hard pellets in bare feet or having sand tracked through your house? A cat litter mat may be just what you need!

Skye Blake here, with what your cat wants you to know about litter mats.

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The information here is for general knowledge… always see your vet with questions about your cat’s individual needs.

Who Is Skye Blake?

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Skye Blake, Cat Info Detective, is a curious cat researcher (not a veterinarian) who sniffs out expert, reliable sources about cats, studies their information, then passes it on to you! 

Sometimes there’s not enough evidence for easy answers, so Skye gives you all sides, explains the situation as thoroughly and clearly as possible, and links you to experts on each page.

Sources are given at the bottom of each page so you can do more snooping.

What’s a Litter Mat?


A litter mat is just like any other mat. It’s flat, rectangular, circular or specially shaped, and is made to serve many specific purposes.

Mats are made from many different materials, from foam to coconut fiber, rubber to bamboo.

They’re used under plates to protect tables or cushioning hard surfaces for standing in a kitchen or exercising.

They’re also used for collecting dirt and debris when wiping feet at the front door.

Why You Might Need Litter Mats

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Many people find mats necessary because fine, sandy litter sticks to paws and tracks around the house, making a tiresome mess.

Since you don’t want to be constantly vacuuming and finding it in your bed and sofa, your first thought might be to get a large pellet litter that stays in the box.

Well, that might work but if your cat is a mad litter-flinger, pellets can fly everywhere too. They’re certainly not fun to step on!

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Litter mats help clean off messy kitty paws, whether it’s sandy, fine-grained litter or pellets.

Even though pellets might be less messy generally, most cats prefer softer fine grain litter, especially if they’re declawed or have arthritis.

As with everything feline, you’ll have to compromise with your cat’s preferences. Litter mats can help make you both happy.

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Mats come in a range of sizes. The larger the mat, the more it will “wipe” his feet as he leaves.

Even though you may still have some tracking, the mats help keep it limited to the area just outside the box.

I make a small commission on some of the links below… and I get to share profits with qualified cat rescues!

Check descriptions and reviews carefully for any products you wish to buy… quality, sizes, colors, etc., can’t be guaranteed by anyone but the manufacturer.

List of Litter Mat Options

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Sources used on this website are either primary or secondary.

Primary sources are always preferable and have the most reliable information because they’re original and directly referenced.

Scientific abstracts and data are good examples of primary sources.

Secondary sources are weaker because they usually consist of opinions or articles that give no sources of their own.

However, sometimes they refer to primary sources.

When I use secondary sources, most are those with some authority, such as veterinarian or cat behaviorist books and articles.

List of Product Sources



Litter Robot™



The Refined Litter Box


Updated February 19, 2023

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