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The Self Cleaning Litter Box

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Greetings all you curious cats! Skye Blake here, back to answer some head-scratchers about self cleaning litter boxes.

But can a box really be self-cleaning? What does that mean anyway?

Will your cat use it?

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Let’s find out…

The information here is for general knowledge… always see your vet with questions about your cat’s individual needs.

Who Is Skye Blake?

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Skye Blake, Cat Info Detective, is a curious cat researcher (not a veterinarian) who sniffs out expert, reliable sources about cats, studies their information, then passes it on to you! 

Sometimes there’s not enough evidence for easy answers, so Skye gives you all sides, explains the situation as thoroughly and clearly as possible, and links you to experts on each page.

Sources are given at the bottom of each page so you can do more snooping.

What Is “Self Cleaning”?

cat going into self cleaning litter box

There are many different types of “self cleaning” litter boxes on the market, but what does “self cleaning” actually mean?

At first it seems obvious… you don’t have to touch or do anything with the litter.

But that isn’t completely true. Self cleaning isn’t maintenance free.

ginger, white cat standing by cleaning bucket

You can’t completely ignore any box, or your cat will let you know about it (and so will your nose)!

When it comes to litter boxes in general, most cat behaviorists recommend keeping it simple.

What self cleaning boxes do is rotate or rake and sift so pee clumps and poo lumps are separated from the clean litter, which then is ready for your cat to use again.

Ginger tabby cat in cardboard box

What they don’t do is wash, rinse themselves, throw out the lumps, and re-supply with fresh litter.

You still have to do that as necessary.

Self cleaning boxes require clumping litter, usually clay or silica. You may not be able to substitute with biodegradable litters.

Check the manufacturer recommendations to see what works.

kitten staring up; self cleaning litter box

For some reason, people often use whatever litter they want, it clogs and causes problems, and they think there’s something wrong with the box.

Self-cleaning litter boxes are usually expensive, so be sure you carefully check manufacturer websites, as well as any reviews you can find, before making the investment.

dark tabby at shelter on cat tree

The more complex the box, the more risk of it malfunctioning, and the less likely your cat will use it.

Most importantly, know your cat… if she’s anxious or shy, she probably won’t use it and you have a very expensive doorstop!

Types of Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

bengal cat halfway in covered litter box; self cleaning

Self cleaning boxes come in a few different styles.

Here we’re exploring the automatic tumbling/robot and manual roll/sift boxes.

You should understand the benefits and problems with each type to see if they’re right for you… and your cat.

kitten lounging by computer

Follow the links to these pages for sifting and self-flushing setups…

Catching Medical Problems Early

meezer kitty lounging

It’s a wonderful idea, freedom from the dirty, smelly job of cleaning litter boxes.

But if you don’t scoop and change the litter, you’ll miss the opportunity to monitor your cat’s health, which can possibly save his life.

Don’t forget, we felines are experts at hiding pain and illness!

Some types of boxes have sensors or litter that changes color when changes in urine occur.

robot alien/person and cat; automatic self cleaning litter box

This is helpful, especially for older cats and those with diabetes, kidney, liver, or urinary problems.

It’s also a good idea to watch for changes in your cat’s poop since runny or hard feces can expose intestinal problems like worms or constipation.

If you have any questions or concerns about changes in your cat’s litter box habits, call your vet… it may be time for a checkup.

Evaluate These Factors for Self-Cleaning Boxes

2 orange, ginger tabby kittens sleeping on a chair
  • Ease of use for both you and your cat… cat’s needs are more important
  • How chill or nervous your cat is in general. (Will he accept this alien being?)
  • How quiet is the unit? (Some cats won’t go near it if it makes noise even if they’re not near the box when it happens.)
cat sleeping on sheet music; self cleaning litter box
  • In multi-cat households, can you afford more than one box?
  • Can you afford the ongoing expense of any special trays, litter, and replacement parts?
  • Is the area your cat will be using inside the box big enough to do his business?
  • Can he turn around in it with lots of room?
tabby cat standing in litter box
  • Is the size of the box too bulky for the area where it will sit?
  • The amount of maintenance and cleaning involved (remember, they’re not maintenance free).
  • Are they easy to take apart to clean?
  • Reliability of the mechanism over time… what’s its track record?
  • Is the manufacturer reliable with good customer service? Do they engineer the boxes themselves?

Roll & Clean (Manual)

rotating cement mixer; manual self cleaning litter box

These manual rotating boxes (also known as “litter spinners”) are similar to automatic ones but aren’t electric powered.

They don’t have phone app controls and aren’t wifi enabled.

They’re a nice idea, but some people find them difficult to clean, with soiled litter sticking to the sides.

Lesser quality ones can have trouble with internal parts not working right or falling apart too quickly.

Manual Rotating/Litter Spinners

cat with fidget-spinner in mouth

These boxes are not as self cleaning as the automatic ones, but are much more affordable.

They’re basically a rolling covered box that requires clumping litter and have a sifting area with collection tray.

You still have to roll and dump daily, with no extra odor control, and wash as needed.

tabby kitten on top of barrel

This type of litter box might work for someone who wants less scooping than a regular box but is still willing to do some daily maintenance.

They also need enough room for you to roll them sideways, which may not work well in a small bathroom.

Reading the latest reviews for any box you’re considering buying can be helpful.

They reveal the problems people are encountering as well as those with positive experiences.

However, there are problems with fake reviews. This article is helpful for spotting fake reviews… How to Spot Fake Amazon Reviews (


black cat & woman by computer

Any brands and products mentioned on this page are for your convenience and information only… I make no money from them.

Here’s a review that will help you understand how the manual rolling litter boxes operate, along with some pros and cons.

Read the comments, too…

“Omega Paw Roll ‘n Clean Review (We Tried It)”, We’re All About Pets, April 17, 2021

Robot (Automatic)

robot self cleaning litter box

Robot boxes have become well known and sound great… just be sure you know if they’ll work in your situation, since they’re very expensive.

They’re very fancy and made for the convenience of people, not necessarily for the best interest of cats.

Some cats won’t go near them or are so curious they keep stopping the cleaning cycle by sticking their paws or noses too close.

Ask Yourself…

drawing of robot holding flower; self cleaning litter box
  • Is the inside big enough for him to turn around easily?

If your cat doesn’t like his whiskers touching the box or hates a covered box, he won’t go in.

Small or average size cats will probably do best with these.

persian cat-white
  • Is it easy for him to get in and out?

If he has arthritis or other difficulties, be sure there’s a ramp or the entrance is low enough for comfortable use.

  • Is there a deodorizer inside that your cat doesn’t like?

Be sure you have the option to remove it.

robot with arm out; self cleaning litter box
  • Does it beep while your cat’s around or inside it?

Your cat could get frightened and avoid the box completely.

  • Does this make sense for a multi-cat household?

Since you should have one box for each cat + one more, these expensive boxes might not be an option for you, unless you want to have one + other types (if your cats will accept this).

cat sitting on record collection-music

Some (like Litter Robot®) claim their box eliminates the need for multiple boxes because the litter is “always fresh”, accommodating up to 4 cats.

Theoretically, this may be true, but only if all your cats will use the same box, you don’t have any that prefer separate boxes for pee and poop, and you have no bully cats that attack others as they exit the box.

Bengal cat sitting on bed looking out window

All these scenarios can quickly make your cats find other places to do their business.

These considerations are important because you’re not likely to convince any cat to use a box just because you love the fancy features!

Controls & Sensors

cute futuristic robot; self cleaning litter box

Automatic boxes usually have manual, remote, and/or wifi (app on phone) controls, often giving you the choice between them.

They also have sensors that can read movement and weight, so when your cat goes in the box, it’ll stay still and not rotate.

If it moves while your cat’s in it, bye-bye cat! It’ll freak out your cat who will never go near it again… an expensive mistake.

Snowshoe cat walking toward camera

Some have both sensors and radar that reads when a cat is near the box but not yet touching it.

The Leo’s Loo Too even has the ability to work with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Customer Support

ginger cat paw on computer keyboard

Good customer and technical support, along with a strong warranty, is especially important with automatic litter boxes.

Even the well-made, quality boxes can have problems…

When the box leaks, a part stops working, or the app doesn’t function right, does the company have a good track record of responsive and professional help for you?

If you decide in the warranty period that you want to return the box, do they make it easy?


smiling android robot

Any brands and products mentioned on this page are for your convenience and information only… I make no money from them.

Read the latest reviews for any box you’re considering buying.

Frankly, if you’re going to spend that much money, be skeptical and consider all the information, not just claims of greatness, convenience and fancy apps.

They reveal the problems people are encountering as well as the positive experiences.

Curious tabby, white kitten sitting on back of chair

Add Fakespot Analyzer to your browser for free and it’ll help you weed out fake reviews so you can find good ones.

This article is helpful for spotting fake reviews… How to Spot Fake Amazon Reviews (

I can’t emphasize enough… read the latest reviews, not just “Top Reviews”… and not just the number of stars!

You’ll see patterns, both positive and negative, which will help you decide.

These videos are worth watching…

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying an Automatic Litter Box, Cats, July 11, 2022
The Best Automatic Litter Boxes of 2023 – We Tried 20 So You Don’t Have To!, Cats, March 15, 2023
“All the GOOD and BAD about SELF-CLEANING Litter Boxes”, One Man Five Cats, July 14, 2023

Litter Boxes of Decent Quality

cat going into self cleaning litter box

There are a couple robot litter boxes that seem to be better quality than the rest.

Of course, your choices depend on your needs, your cat’s needs and if she’ll accept the box.

One person’s recommendation isn’t enough to make a decision on something so expensive, so read everything here and do further research if you need it.

Leo’s Loo Too
3 cats snoozing

Leo’s Loo Too by Smarty Pear has some good features as you’ll see in this review, but there are some drawbacks like not having handles placed well.

When picked up it becomes unbalanced, falls over and comes apart. That can be an issue when you have to move it for deep cleaning.

Smarty Pear is a California based company with “a team of innovators” that engineer their products.

Here are some video reviews…

“Leo’s Loo Too Self Cleaning Litter Box REVIEW with 2 Cats by Smarty Pear, AdamsTechReviews, January 31, 2023
“Leo’s Loo Too Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box Review (We Used It For 3 MONTHS), Raymond Strazdas, June 5, 2022
An Actual “Leo’s Loo Too” First Month Review, Dream Weaver Aquatics & Aurora, June 23, 2023
Litter Robot® 3 & 4
robot alien/person and cat

The Litter Robot® series of automatic litter boxes are the original and probably most well-known of the technology-driven boxes.

They’ve been made for over 20 years by Whiskers, a U.S. company that engineers, manufacturers, and supports its products in Wisconsin.

Discover more about them at “Litter Robot®…Is It Worth the $$$$?

Questionable Litter Boxes

drawing of boy thinking, question marks

It’s important when looking at boxes on Amazon and other suppliers, to know which ones are reputable, and which are cheap knockoffs.

Below are a few examples of questionable boxes, made in China…

ABRCT, boqii, CatLink, Els Pet, Frapow, Goldboss, Hillpig
woman thinking, pondering, wondering, choice, question

They have problems such as no website or one that claims to sell “cheap hot products”.

Some claim to have a 1-year warranty and customer service availability but there’s no evidence they either engineer the boxes themselves or have reliable customer service in the U.S.

These are big red flags.

PetKit Pura X & Pura Max
calico cat held and scratched under chin

PetKit is a company in China founded in 2013.

It claims to be “a high-tech company on a mission to develop elegant, sustainable, and cost-effective products and services to provide humans and their pets with a more intelligent lifestyle.”

The website says it has a design and technology team, which suggests the engineering is done within the company, but I haven’t been able to confirm this.

Here are some reviews…

“Petkit Pura X Automatic Litter Box Review (We Tested It)”, All About Cats, March 8, 2022
“PETKIT PURA MAX Review”, Sven and Robbie, November 15, 2021
“Petkit Pura Max Review: A $699 Leaky Mess?”, Cats, November 7, 2022
man thinking, pondering, wondering, choice, question

Petree is made in China and has a reputation for spotty customer service.

Here are some video reviews of the Petree Litter Box for the regular version.

Read the comments… they can be eye-opening!

“Petree Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box Review (We Tried It for 2 Weeks), All About Cats, April 2, 2021”
“Litter-Robot 3 Vs. Petree Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes – Review”, CatCrazy Channel, November 24, 2021

There’s a newer version of Petree’s box that has wi-fi app capability.

It looks like the addition of wi-fi is the only change. Here are some reviews…

“PETREE // Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box (2021 WIFI Model)”, Hong, May 6, 2021
“Litter Robot Vs. Petree Litter Box, Youngest Old Cat Lady, August 18, 2021”

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Sources used on this website are either primary or secondary.

Primary sources are always preferable and have the most reliable information because they’re original and directly referenced.

Scientific abstracts and data are good examples of primary sources.

Secondary sources are weaker because they usually consist of opinions or articles that give no sources of their own.

However, sometimes they refer to primary sources.

When I use secondary sources, most are those with some authority, such as veterinarian or cat behaviorist books and articles.

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