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Cat Culture

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In human history, art, literature, music, and movies, we cats have made our mark.

Heck, there’s even music made for us and cat TV to enrich our feline cultural appreciation!

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Cat sleeping on the towels by Ivan Glock

Cats In Art

The feline form has been immortalized in the hieroglyphics of Egypt, captured by the great masters of the Middle Ages, and a favorite of contemporary artists.

This sleeping beauty is called “Cat sleeping on the towels” by Ivan Glock

There’s more to discover…

cat walking on piano keys-music

Music About Cats

Did you know cats have been part of all kinds of music? Classical, rock, pop… heck, even a musical named “Cats”! Discover more…

Songs About Cats – Discover Musical Treasures

Music For Cats

Somebody out there must love us felines because scientific studies have been done to discover what music kitties love to hear.

As a result, a man named David Teie created sounds that are music to our ears! Get your cat purring…

Music For Cats

Literature & Cats

If you love books, you probably already know we cats have a fun, scary, mischievous and sometimes pivotal role in many stories.

Books featuring famous cats, whether classic, modern or cartoon, continue to fascinate and entertain people everywhere.

From “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” to “The Cat In the Hat“, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” to the “Harry Potter” series, we felines cast our spell over young and old alike…

Cats In Books

colorful cartoon cats - art

Cats In Poetry

Ever enjoy a great cat poem? There are thousands of them floating around the universe, from both professional and amateur poets.

Poems are fun for kids and adults… find your favorites, send us your creative cat poems too!

Poems About Cats – Find Ones You Love!

History, Superstition & Cats

We kitties have a long and fascinating history.

From ancient Egyptians worshiping us to Europeans in the Middle Ages blaming us for epidemics, we’ve sure made quite the impression on people!

Find out more about our rich and fascinating history at…

rod of Asclepius - medical symbol

More Feline History

There’s always lots of fascinating history for cat lovers.

Understanding the history of veterinary medicine gives context to today’s veterinary world and where cats fit in…

History of Veterinary Medicine

cat wearing a show crown and ribbon

Cats in the Movies

Did you know cats have enjoyed the limelight since movies began in the 1890’s and television in the 1940’s?

From animation to horror movies, we’ve graced the screen both in the background and as stars. Who’s your favorite?

Cats in the Movies

Cat TV

If you haven’t heard of “Cat TV”, don’t confuse it with cats on TV.

Cat TV is anything that we felines enjoy watching, especially birds, mice, fish, and other natural prey animals.

Discover how to create your own kitty entertainment or find videos we love…

Great Cat TV

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Updated December 29, 2023

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