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Cat Culture

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Hi fellow sleuths… Skye Blake, Cat Info Detective, on the trail of fascinating ways our feline ancestors worked their cat culture into the human world.

In human history, art, literature, music, and movies, we cats have made our mark.

Heck, there’s even music made for us and cat TV to enrich our feline cultural appreciation! What a great time to be a cat!

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Here are some great examples of how we cats have cleverly purred our way into the culture of mankind…

Cats In Art

We cats have been a source of artistic inspiration since the world began.

The feline form has been immortalized in the hieroglyphics of Egypt, captured by the great masters of the Middle Ages, and a favorite of contemporary artists.

Find out more at “Cats In Art“.

Music About Cats

music about cats

Did you know cats have been part of all kinds of music? Classical, rock, pop… heck, even a musical named “Cats”!

If you’re curious… find out more at ______________________

Music For Cats

face of relaxed tabby cat- closeup

Somebody out there must love us felines because scientific studies have been done trying to find out what music we kitties love to hear.

As a result, a man named David Teie created sounds that are music to our ears!

If you’d like something to help your cat relax and enjoy life, check it out at “Music For Cats“.

Literature & Cats

Cat "reading" a book

If you love books you probably already know we cats have a fun, scary, mischievous and sometimes pivotal role in many stories.

Books featuring famous cats, whether classic, modern or cartoon, continue to fascinate and entertain people everywhere.

From “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” to “The Cat In the Hat“, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” to the “Harry Potter” series, we felines cast our spell over young and old alike.

Find out more at “Cats In Books“.

History, Superstition & Cats

Artwork of Egyptian goddess holding black cat

Egyptian writings and drawings show just how well we felines were worshiped in their culture…pretty smart aren’t we!

Can you believe some people still believe black cats are bad luck?

In the Middle Ages, humans blamed us for the plague and other epidemics and thought we were devils and witches’ mediums! Pretty crazy huh!

mysterious black cat

Find out more about our rich and fascinating history at “History of Cats“.

Movie & Television Cats

cat wearing a show crown and ribbon

Did you know cats have enjoyed the limelight since movies began in the 1890’s and television in the 1940’s? Learn all about it at __________________________________

These are just a few of the fun and fascinating ways we cats have infiltrated, entertained, and become iconic in the culture of humans.

Check below for more fun.

Cat TV

cat watching a sparrow

If you haven’t heard of “Cat TV”, don’t confuse it with cats on TV.

Cat TV is anything that we feliness enjoy watching, especially birds, mice, fish, and other natural prey animals.

Your kitty will be fascinated for hours… it’s great stuff!

Find out both how to create your own cat television and what videos you can use on your own TV to entertain your buddy at “Cat TV“.

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If you have any clues, ideas, hints, comments or questions, use the form below to let me know and I’ll get right on it!  Always more trails to follow…

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