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Greetings feline art lovers! It’s your Cat Info Detective, Skye Blake, on the hunt today for everything I can find about art, artists and the cats they love…

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We cats are portrayed in every artistic medium imaginable! Sculpture, drawings, paintings, embroidery, caricatures and cartoons… all among the many ways people admire us fabulous felines!

Some of the great art masters used us in their works. In fact, as far back as we have records, the feline form has been memorialized and admired. Our playful, sad, and crazy moods are displayed for everyone to enjoy.

Kittens 1893
Kittens-1893 by Charles van den Eycken

From cartoons to oil paintings, Egyptian statues to modern movies, our pawprints have left their mark!

You, too, can enjoy learning how to draw and paint your feline pal. It’s a great way to try something new while expressing your love for us.

Find out more about cats in art and the artists who loved them by clicking the page links below… (if it’s not linked, the page is still a work in progress. Stay tuned!)

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