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For Artists & Artisans Only

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If you’d like to sell your wares through the Cat Info Detective website, we’d love to have you join us as a member of the “Skye Blake Catisan Club”.

What’s a “Catisan Club”?

It’s a group of artisans, craftspeople and artists of all tabby stripes, selling handmade kitty wares through the Cat Info Detective website.

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Here’s why you should sign up…

We at Cat Info Detective are dedicated to giving cat lovers (and anyone else) the most well researched, trustworthy information about every topic known to cat-dom! We write about cat breeds, art, history, shows, rescue, health, behavior, and anything else your cat wants you to know.

We’re continuously working to add great content, grow our site and reach every cat lover we can find. This includes working toward the best SEO positioning on Google and Bing, along with our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages.

As we build our brand, you grow with us and gain exposure to our followers and visitors. You get the benefit of our marketing without having to do your own!

Once you’re accepted, we charge only a small fee of $7.99 a month to link your site or store. It’s that simple…no hidden fees or extra charges. And there’s no contract or required time commitment. Certainly worth trying!

Even better! For the rest of 2021, there’s no charge for anyone signing up! We just appreciate you taking a chance on us while we build our following.

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The only requirements for Catisan Club membership are…

  • Items you advertise here are cat-related (your site or store doesn’t have to be all cats, just the items featured on our site)
  • All work you sell through us is handmade by you or your employees
  • No profane or obscene items… just the innocent fun and beauty of the feline form and cattitude!
  • You agree to our Terms of Service

To apply, fill out the form below…

Tell us about yourself and what you create that cat lovers will want. Be sure to include a link where we can view your work. It can be your website, Ebay, Etsy, a Facebook page or other place where you have photos of your work.

    Once we’ve reviewed your submission we’ll email you with our decision. If your products are a good fit for us, the email will include a link where you can take care of a few final steps to sign up. We’re excited to see what creative artistry and craftsmanship you have to offer!

    If you’d love a custom cat art portrait or jewelry, take a look at our directory of cat artists and crafters. Find the next adorable creation to buy for you, your friends and family!

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