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Welcome to Skye Blake’s Catisan Club!

Skye Blake looking left through magnifying glass

Skye Blake here, excited to welcome you to our Catisan Club!

What’s a “Catisan Club”?

It’s artists and artisans, craftspeople of all tabby stripes, selling their handmade kitty wares through Cat Info Detective’s Directory of Cat Artists or Directory of Cat Crafters.

Now let’s get you started…

  • Read the Terms of Service.
  • We’ll assume you accept our Terms of Service when you set up payments.
  • Set up your monthly payments using the buttons below. You can use Paypal or debit/credit card. For the rest of 2021, all vendors have FREE membership! So, for now, just IGNORE the buttons below. Instead, send an email to: DeborahSmith@catinfodetective.com with… your name, shop name, contact information, product pictures, text and links that you want on your directory page.
  • We’ll add your info to our Directory of Artists* or Directory of Crafters** so people can find your products!
  • We can add, remove, or change your information whenever you’d like.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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