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Poems About Cats – Find Ones You Love!

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Welcome, poetry fans! Skye Blake reporting in with poems I’ve found about cats.

Poets have written about our feline selves in many interesting ways, both in days gone by and modern times.

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This fun page is one that will always expand, with new poems being added frequently.

There are thousands of poems in the universe and more always being created, both by amateur and professional poets.

illustration of cats - Sherlock & Watson (Louis Wain style) - art

The collection of cat poems below reflects many styles, perspectives, and eras, from silly to sad, happy to dark.

It includes poems for both adults and children. Use your discretion and enjoy!

Poems About Cats – Alphabetical by Title

watercolor painting of cat on stairs- art, poems

16+ Cat Poems For Kids To Read” 🐈, Imagine Forest


watercolor of cat ready to pounce - art

A Cat Might Sit up in a Tree” by Annette Wynne, DiscoverPoetry.com

Adam Waking” by Katie Peterson | Poetry Foundation

And I will consider the yellow dog” by Fran Lock, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

Another Insane Devotion” by Gerald Stern | Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

pencil, pen drawing of cat sitting up - art

Baudelaire’s Cats” by Hy Sobiloff , Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

The Black Cat” by Frances Shaw, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

Black Cats, Beware!” (familyfriendpoems.com)

Blond Cat” by Melvin Geer Shelley, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)


drawing of siamese kitten, big blue eyes - art

A Cat” by Edward Thomas, All Poetry

Cat” by Helen Birch Murphy, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

Cat” by Marilyn Singer, Poetry Foundation

Cat” by Ted Hughes, Poetry By Heart

drawing of 2 white cats- art, poems

The Cat and the Fiddle” by Mary Swander, Poetry Foundation

The Cat and the Moon” by William Butler Yeats, mustlovecats.net

Cat and Mouse” by David Campbell, (mustlovecats.net)

Cat and Mouse” by Ted Hughes, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

cartoon drawing of cat & mouse-on garage- art

The Cat at the Last Supper” by Roy Marz | Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

Cat, Failing” by Robin Robertson, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

The Cat In the Kitchen” by Robert Bly, (mustlovecats.net)

Cat Moving Kittens” by Austin Smith, Poetry Foundation

colorful drawing of tabby kitten- art

The Cat of the House” by Ford Madox Ford, (mustlovecats.net)

Cat Poem“, spoken by Miriam Sachs & Rhiannon McGavin, Los Angeles Team,
2015 – Brave New Voices (Finals), YouTube

Cat Poems” – Rainy Day Poems for Children

Cat Poems – Modern Award-winning Cat Poetry” – All Poetry

Cat Poems To Lift Your Heart” (our-happy-cat.com)

stick figure drawing of cats & people - art

The Cat Sat on the Mat” by Eric Mottram | Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

The Cat Sat on the Mat. In Defense of Illiteracy” by Zbigniew Herbert, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

The Cat Songs” by Henry Sloss, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

Cats and Zinnias” by Nelson Antrim Crawford, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

Chinese painting of black cat spirit - art, poems

Cats, Now and Forever” by Elaine Equi, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

The Cat’s Song” by Marge Piercy, Poetry Foundation

The Cats Will Know” by Cesare Pavese, Poetry Foundation

Cheshire Cat” by Kenneth Allott, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

cartoon cat painting wall - art

Consider Two Cats” by Charles Oluf Olsen, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

The Cougar” by Keith Holyoak (blackcatpoems.com)


Siamese cat - watercolor - art

The Doorstop in the Shape of a Calico Cat” by David Keller, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

Ella Mason and Her Eleven Cats” by Sylvia Plath, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

February” by Margaret Atwood | Poetry Foundation

Feeding the Neighbor’s Cat” by John Dickson, Poetry Magazine

stylized graphic of green dachshund & yellow cat - art, poems

Finding the Cat in a Spring Field at Midnight” by Pattiann Rogers, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

The First Cat” by Arthur Guiterman (blackcatpoems.com)

For a Deaf Angora Cat” by William Jay Smith, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffrey” from Jubilate Agno by Christopher Smart | Poetry Foundation

cat shoppe drawing- art

From Under the Mat Where Sat the Cat” by Gerrit Lansing, Poetry Foundation

The House-Cat” by Annette Wynne, DiscoverPoetry.com

Humerous Cat Poems” (dennydavis.net)

If Not for the Cat” by Jack Prelutsky, Poetry Foundation

In Honor of Taffy Topaz” by Christopher Morley, DiscoverPoetry.com


heart made of paw prints

A Kitten” by Eleanor Farjeon, mustlovecats.net

The Kitten and Falling Leaves“, by William Wordsworth (blackcatpoems.com)

Kitty and Mouse” by Anonymous, DiscoverPoetry.com

A Little Language” by Robert Duncan | Poetry Foundation

smiling cat drawing

The Little New Pupil” by Annette Wynne, DiscoverPoetry.com

Little Robin Redbreast” by Anonymous | Poetry Foundation

Little Tiger Cat” by Annette Wynne, DiscoverPoetry.com

Lost City Cat” by Hy Sobiloff, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

pencil drawing of half a cat's face

Macavity: The Mystery Cat” by T S Eliot, All Poetry

Magnificat. Brave Cat at Snifter Fishbowl” by George Starbuck | Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

Milk for the Cat” by Harold Monro, DiscoverPoetry.com

Mistaken Cats” by Frederick Bock, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

What shall we do with the Feathers by Louis Wain
What shall we do with the Feathers by Louis Wain

Muier” by William Carlos Williams | Poetry Foundation

My Cat Jack” by Hunt Hawkins, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

Myself with Cats” by Henri Cole, Poetry Foundation


graphic of cat watching fish in bowl

The Naming of Cats”” by T. S. Eliot, (mustlovecats.net)

Night of Cats and Fathers” by David Cornel De Jong | Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

Night Cats at the Grain Elevator” by Dennis Held, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

Ode on the Death of a Favourite Cat Drowned in a Tub of Goldfishes” by Thomas Gray, Poetry Foundation

print of black cat in mid-century modern style

An Old Cat’s Dying Soliloquy“, by Anna Seward, The Daily Animal Poem

Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” by T.S. Eliot, Academy of American Poets

An Old Woman’s Words to Her Young Cat” by Carol Hall, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

graphic of tabby cat sitting on cat tree - art, poems

The Orange Cat” by Alicia Ostriker, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat” by Edward Lear, Poetry Foundation


art cat-graphic drawing India-style

Pangur Bán” by Anonymous, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

The Panther” by Rainer Maria Rilke (blackcatpoems.com)

Panther in Louisiana” by Isaac McLellan (blackcatpoems.com)

The Perfect Mother” by Susan Griffin, Poetry Foundation

black & white print of angry cat

Poem (“As the cat…”) by William Carlos Williams, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

Quick! quick! …” by Anonymous | Poetry Foundation

The Retired Cat” by William Cowper – All Poetry


drawing of cat grooming herself - art, poems

She sights a Bird—she chuckles” by Emily Dickinson, All Poetry

Sad Memories” by C. S. Calverley, DiscoverPoetry.com

Sonnet to a Cat” by John Keats, DiscoverPoetry.com

Stray Cat” by Francis Witham, DiscoverPoetry.com

Techno Cat” by Betsy Franco, Poetry Foundation

Cartoon tough injured tomcat - vet medicine, art

“The three little kittens, they lost their mittens“, Poetry Foundation

Tigger” by Jack Peachum (blackcatpoems.com)

Tip’s Kitten” by Edith Matilda Thomas (blackcatpoems.com)

To a Cat” by John Keats, (mustlovecats.net)

Cat With Red Fish by Henri Matisse
Cat With Red Fish by Henri Matisse

To a Cat” by Algernon Charles Swinburne, Poetry Foundation

To a Cat Which Had Killed a Favorite Bird” by Agathias (blackcatpoems.com)

To My Five New Kittens” by C. W. Shirley Brooks, DiscoverPoetry.com

Tom Jones My Tom Cat” by Hy Sobiloff, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)


Colorful cat - artist unknown - art, poems

The White Kitten” by Anonymous, DiscoverPoetry.com

Who Am I?” by Alastair Reid, Poetry Magazine (poetryfoundation.org)

Wildcat” by Isaac McLellan (blackcatpoems.com)

Detail from Ghirlandaio's 1480 fresco "The Last Supper" - art

Window of Time” by Patricia Walter (blackcatpoems.com)

The Wise Dog” by Kahlil Gibran, Poetry Foundation

Your Naughty Cat – A Humorous Cat Poem” – LetterPile

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