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Hi there, Skye Blake here. I know what it’s like to be in a feline scrape, a pickle, a jam, (hmm… getting hungry), a difficult situation… a cat needing rescue.

paw prints coming in from a distance

So I can sympathize with my fellow downtrodden felines. Those rescued and cared for by people hold a special place in my heart.

That’s why I’m determined to track down everything I can about rescue groups, explain their functions, even review them so you can see which are the best, and help you find them in your area.

Wet stray black & white cat looking around a corner

It’ll take awhile and I’ll need your help.  Let me know what city you live in and which shelters and groups you like. 

I’d love to connect with them and help fellow proud felines find homes to rule. 

In the meantime, I’ll keep tracking clues…

Private, Rescue Group & Shelter Adoptions

stray cat on rocks by a tire

If you’re interested in adopting a stray or rescued kitty, there are things you should know before deciding what to do.

If you’re not experienced in caring for a cat, learn and prepare before going to a shelter or rescue (or getting one from your neighbor).

Think about your lifestyle. Do you want…

man sharing cantaloupe with kittens
  • the high energy bouncy kitten climbing the curtains?
  • the quiet senior cat curled up contentedly in your lap?
  • the talkative attention seeker?
  • the shy wallflower needing extra patience?
cat with eyes closed
  • the special needs cat who takes daily thyroid pills or insulin injections?

No matter where you get your cat there are questions you should answer to be ready to care for him…

  • What kind of food is right for their individual needs?
tabby, white cat putting paw in coffee mug
  • Do you have time to play with them and care for their needs?
  • Have you considered realistically your cat’s health care costs? Find out more about costs by signing up for our “mewsletter” at the bottom of this page. You’ll get bonus info “How to Pay Vet Bills”)
vet removing cat from carrier

These are just a few things you’ll need to think through before making any decisions.

I’m following lots of trails to bring you all the info you need. Discover what you didn’t know at…

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Sources used on this website are either primary or secondary.

Primary sources are always preferable and have the most reliable information because they’re original and directly referenced.

Scientific abstracts and data are good examples of primary sources.

Secondary sources are weaker because they usually consist of opinions or articles that give no sources of their own.

So, sometimes they refer to primary sources.

When I use secondary sources, most are those with some authority, such as veterinarian or cat behaviorist books and articles.

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Updated June 15, 2022