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Do you know how to groom your cat? It depends on what type of coat, whether it’s long or short hair, or even hairless.

What tools do you need? Let’s discover more…

persian cat face, eyes, tear stain

Types of Cat Fur

Did you know there are different types of cat fur… and different coats? Before brushing, be sure you know what type your cat has! Discover more…

tabby cat licking, grooming back leg

Cat Grooming Behavior & Training

Why do cats groom themselves? Can you train a cat to let you groom them? Let’s discover more…

person grooming, combing grey cat

How to Groom a Cat

Cats always benefit from grooming… clipping claws, brushing teeth, combing fur, and more… Take a look at what you need to do!

cat grooming brush

How to Brush a Cat

Do you know how to brush a cat? What tools do you use to keep his coat shiny and healthy?

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Always more trails to follow…

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