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Ever tried introducing cats to each other, people, or dogs? Perhaps it didn’t go well…

Discover how to do it the right way for peace and success!

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Introducing Cats

Learn the basics of introducing a new cat into a home with other cats… it’s all about owning territory, baby!

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Introducing Cats to Dogs & Other Critters

Do you have other pets already in the home? Dogs, in particular, are a threat to cats when not properly introduced. Take a look…

cat in bed, cocoon, environmental enrichment for cats, behavior

Environmental Enrichment for Cats

Whether you call it “environmental enrichment” or “catification”, we cats love having our indoor world satisfy our instinctive feline needs.

“Catification” is simply making your home comfortable for both you and your cats…. important for introducing a new cat. Discover more at…

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