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Supplies For Cats

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What supplies are available for cats?

What do you really need to get?

Litter boxes and litter, food and water bowls… the list can go on and on.

What’s worth getting and what isn’t?

kitten pooping in litter box

What’s the Best Cat Litter Box?

You’ve probably noticed the bewildering array of litter boxes on the market.

So, what box will work best for your cat yet won’t break your bank account?

Learn the pros and cons of each type of regular box, starting with “What’s the Best Cat Litter Box?

cat going into self cleaning litter box

Fancy Litter Boxes

You’re probably aware of expensive self cleaning litter boxes and might even be thinking of getting one.

But are they worth the $$$$? Take a look…

scoop with silica litter crystals

Litter Box Accessories

Don’t forget the extras that make it easier to deal with litter…

clump of green litter in scoop

What Are the Best Types of Cat Litter?

What type of cat litter will work best for your nose and wallet while making your cats happy? Here are some options…

What type of cat litter will work best for your nose and wallet while making your cats happy? Here are some options…

tabby, white cat fishing in bowl

Cat Food Supplies (excluding food)

Is your cat picky about food and water bowls?

Discover the various types available at…

Cat Food & Water Bowls

If your cat’s a food gulper you might like to try a good food puzzle since we felines love to work for our food…

Cat Food Puzzles

ginger, white cat standing by cleaning bucket

Cleaning Supplies

Frustrated with trying to clean up pee messes?

Why does cat pee smell so bad?

Discover all about feline urine and what products work best…

Cleaning Cat Urine

Photo of a flea under magnifying glass

Flea Removal & Prevention

What works best to remove fleas from your cat?

Take a look here to find a few ideas…

Ways to Get Rid of Fleas on Healthy Cats

Natural Flea Treatments You Can Buy


Tick Removal Supplies

Looking for ways to remove ticks? Discover ideas at …

What Is a Tick?

first aid kit

First Aid Supplies

A good first aid kit is great to have ready for home or travel.

Discover what to have in your kitty’s kit…

First Aid for Cats

2 cats on cat tree

Catification Supplies

Wondering what supplies you need to make your cat comfortable in your house? Discover ideas at…

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